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March 5th, 2012
Survey GPS For Both Professional Survey Teams and Outdoor Adventures

With only a few touches, you can record the routes from your outings like hiking, biking, jogging, rally, survey trips, or pin places, like your favorite restaurants, directly on your device. Along with them, you can take photos, record videos and audios, or write brief description of the interesting landmarks, geotag them with current location and save them as POIs (point of interest) for your trip or survey project. Geocoding and geotagging can also be done to the photo and video files chosen from your iPhone library.

You can review your recorded trips and landmarks, and arrange the map view to show or hide the recorded information as you prefer. Survey GPS also allows you to modify or edit your tracks and points with functions such as Edit Properties, Delete, Move, Crop, and Merge.

For the basic version (USD 1.99), Survey GPS allows you to import/export your trip or survey information in the Survey GPS file format (TMX) via iTunes or email. You can back up your trip for later use or share your outing experience with friends, colleges or family.

Whereas the professional version, the In-App purchase option (USD 9.99), also allows you to import/export the files in the more universal GPX, MID/MIF, or Shapefiles formats.


Survey Tab
• Add a new Survey or select the existed Survey project to work on
• Add a landmark by selecting either the point icon or the photo icon
• Record a new route by selecting the road icon
• GPS route recording can run as the background process*
• Display/Hide information of other Survey projects
• See your current location, shown in latitude/longitude
• In the compass mode, the map will rotate according to the heading direction
• Search your track and point by name or description
• Show/Hide menu bar

Data Tab
• Search your Survey project, route, or point in a Survey by name or description
• Merge or remove Survey projects
• Edit Survey descriptions and symbols
• Select and export your projects in TMX, GPX, MID/MIF, or Shapefiles formats

• Show track summary such as start/stop time, total points, total distance, geometry size, and statistic
• Edit track properties such as name, description, color, width, and accuracy filter
• View real time track rendering when cropping a track
• Delete tracks in a Survey, and move or copy tracks between Survey Projects
• Simulate your trip along with tracking data summary

• Show point summary such as modified date, latitude and longitude
• Adjust location of the pinned point
• Edit point properties such as name, description, symbol, and media
• Add/Update the point’s multimedia files such as photo, video, or audio
• Move or copy points between Survey projects

File Tab
• The place to keep the Survey projects exported from Data Tab to transfer via iTunes or email
• The place to keep the transferred external projects from iTunes or email for later import into a new Survey Project in Data Tab
• Delete, rename, or compress your file and folder 
• Survey GPS, via email file attachment, automatically opens and transfers the file in TMX, GPX, MID/MIF, or Shapefiles formats into File Tab
• Preview map files and data fields before importing into a new Survey project

Setting Tab
• Turn GPS on/off 
• Set user’s default recording profile, e.g., GPS accuracy, GPS distance filter, line color, line width, units, and display options
• Set map view
• Product’s news and notifications
• Clear all Surveys’ data
• Load default setting

*Please be advised that continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life.