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May 22nd, 2024
RapidSOS Introduces Unite, the Evolution of its Intelligent Safety Platform for Emergency Response

NEW YORK —  RapidSOS, the intelligent safety company, today announced RapidSOS Unite, an AI-powered intelligent safety platform for emergency responders. Unite integrates with most call-handling and computer-aided dispatch applications, providing a comprehensive picture of emergencies while enabling advanced AI-assistive tools, multimedia streaming, and critical data from over half a billion connected devices.


RapidSOS unveils RapidSOS Unite, an AI-powered intelligent safety platform for emergency responders

“For the past decade, public safety agencies have worked with RapidSOS to integrate critical data in an emergency,” said Michael Martin, CEO of RapidSOS. “RapidSOS Unite culminates that work and our collaboration with over 540 million connected devices – harnessing AI to seamlessly integrate rich data and a suite of new tools into public safety’s mission-critical operations.”

RapidSOS Unite is an evolution of the company’s existing Portal and Premium solutions into a single product with a suite of new advanced features:

  • AI automation to save time
  • Rich content pathways, including multimedia and texting
  • Redundant connection to caller phones, even if calling fails
  • Critical data from a network of over 540 million connected devices

RapidSOS Unite modules allow customization for agencies and communities based on their scope and needs, including:

  • Enhanced mapping using locally authoritative GIS data
  • Automated translation and transcription
  • Seamless integration into field responder applications
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and just-in-time provisioning
  • Intelligent analytics, forecasting, and reporting for calls, text, and digital alerts

In an emergency, Unite intelligently fuses millions of sensor feeds into one unified picture of an incident, allowing public safety officials to view real-time location, health profile, telematics, alarm data, and more.

Add-on modules such as Field Responder extend this unified picture out to those responding to the incident. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Analyst module unifies all data from each incident (even those where the phone doesn’t ring such as during an outage, IoT incidents, or hang-up calls) into a unified reporting, analytics, and forecasting application.

RapidSOS Unite also integrates seamlessly with RapidSOS Harmony, the first AI copilot for public safety also launching today.

Safety Pioneer Program
Along with Unite, RapidSOS is launching the Safety Pioneer Program. This program invites forward-thinking public safety agencies to collaborate with RapidSOS in shaping the future of emergency response. Participants receive early access to new features, contribute to platform roadmap, and drive feedback to enhance emergency response.

For the past decade, thousands of public safety agencies have shaped RapidSOS’ technology roadmap.  Over a quarter billion dollars in research and development later, those initial insights from public safety now support over 21,000 911 and first responder agencies in six countries with 3.3 billion data payloads.

“The Safety Pioneer program formalizes the incredible collaboration we’ve had with public safety to build RapidSOS,” said Martin. “Our work is inspired by public safety and we are excited to enter this next phase of innovation in partnership together.”

For further details about RapidSOS Unite and the Safety Pioneer Program, please visit

About RapidSOS
RapidSOS is an intelligent safety company that harnesses artificial and human intelligence to fuse life-saving data from 540M+ connected devices, apps, and sensors from 200+ global technology companies to over 21,000 public safety agencies in six countries. Whether there’s an unsafe moment or an emergency, RapidSOS Ready devices, vehicles, homes, or buildings deliver essential data to the right place when it matters most. Learn more at