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  • Oct 14, 2022
  • Comments Off on SkyWatch Launches New EarthCache-X Offering; Announces Partnerships With Leaders in Earth Observation
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October 14th, 2022
SkyWatch Launches New EarthCache-X Offering; Announces Partnerships With Leaders in Earth Observation

KITCHENER, Ontario – SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch“), a Canadian space tech company democratizing remote sensing data, announced today the launch of EarthCache-X (EC-X) and its partnerships with Capella Space, ICEYE, Satellogic (NYSE: SATL), and Vexcel Imaging, to deliver emerging data types to the commercial Earth observation (EO) market.

EarthCache-X (EC-X) provides a new means for remote sensing partners to go to market with flexible ways to handle data in custom formats that customers might require. With the addition of these industry-leading partners to SkyWatch’s repertoire, customers will now have access to SAR, DEMs, aerial imagery and stereo/tri-stereo imagery.

EC-X presents a flexible platform for ingesting and distributing new data types to the EarthCache customer base. The way a customer searches for and receives data remains the same; EC-X still eliminates the friction of multiple contracts by providing a single business relationship with SkyWatch. With these new data providers, SkyWatch is able to create bespoke solutions for customers, defining the right product offerings and price points on a custom basis.

SkyWatch launches the EC-X program with an exceptional set of partners, each providing unique sensing technology that is underutilized by the commercial market today. Customers can now ensure that they are able to rapidly adopt and innovate around new sensing technologies, while our data partners grow their presence in the commercial market and learn how to optimize their solutions for those end markets. Over time, SkyWatch will migrate these in-demand sensing technologies into fully-integrated product offerings, with standardized pricing and output types.

Each of the inaugural EC-X partners was selected to bring strategic value to SkyWatch customers, in response to the demand SkyWatch is seeing in the market and on its Earth observation distribution platform, EarthCache.

Capella Space has the most responsive and agile SAR imaging services in the industry on the leading edge of rapid data acquisition for emergencies or tip and cue, with the added benefit of fully-automated scheduling, downlink, and processing architecture. Owning the world’s largest SAR satellite constellation, ICEYE delivers proven and reliable Earth Observation solutions. ICEYE’s high revisit and daily coherent change detection capabilities enable users to gain robust and comprehensive situational awareness. Satellogic is a vertically integrated EO satellite and data company that makes EO data more accessible, more reliable, and more affordable, offering the best price across the industry with the largest daily data collection capacity. Satellogic aims to deliver daily global remaps with the end goal of 200+ satellites in orbit. Vexcel runs the world’s largest aerial imagery and geospatial data program, collecting multiple types of aerial content in 25+ countries. Vexcel delivers products such as Oblique, True Ortho, and Digital Surface Model data at up to 7.5cm resolution. Imagery and data are also optimized for ML/AI capabilities.

The addition of SAR, DEMs, and aerial data enriches the SkyWatch aggregation model, which provides Earth observation data customers access to the largest network of industry-leading data sets within a single solution with a flexible, pay-per-use pricing model.

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About SkyWatch

SkyWatch is on a mission to make Earth Observation data accessible to the world. Hundreds of trillions of pixels of our planet are captured from space every day. Drawing on the team’s past experience in space data aggregation software, we are building the infrastructure to connect satellite data operators and application developers. The company raised a $17.2 million USD Series B in 2021 and is expected to double in size in the next 18 months.