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  • Sep 8, 2022
  • Comments Off on Orbital Insight Unveils Facility Intelligence Solution to Provide Objective, Transparent and Actionable Insights for Industrial Facilities
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September 8th, 2022
Orbital Insight Unveils Facility Intelligence Solution to Provide Objective, Transparent and Actionable Insights for Industrial Facilities

New solution covers every component of the value chain, giving organizations visibility into deep-tier suppliers, production facilities, customer sites, competitor facilities, and beyond

 PALO ALTO, Calif. Orbital Insight, the leader in geospatial intelligence, today announced the launch of Facility Intelligence, a new solution that gives organizations real-time visibility into entire business ecosystems. The solution leverages multi-source geospatial data and AI-powered analytics to provide companies with a clear picture of production activity, logistics, and anomalies at every point in the value chain. With Facility Intelligence, organizations can track supplier sites, production facilities, shipping and trucking logistics, and customer sites—and also gain that same visibility into competitors’ ecosystems.

Industrial facilities need more comprehensive remote monitoring tools to understand external dependencies like timely raw material supply, available inventory, in-transit goods, demand shocks, and competitive throughput. Combining multiple sources of data including mobile phone GPS, vehicle GPS, Ship GPS, and satellite imagery, Facility Intelligence provides organizations with visibility into each component throughout its industrial value chain. This has previously been impossible since many variables are controlled by outside parties and vulnerable to changes in external conditions. Orbital Insight is able to layer all of these sensors and data inputs together for more complete insights in an easy user interface.

With access to rich real-time and historical data on processes, assets, and plant personnel across industrial facilities, organizations can better manage production and maintenance of facilities, and take proactive measures to increase efficiency. Facility Intelligence has a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Tracking manufacturing activity levels at industrial facilities using geolocation data
  • Monitoring vessel traffic levels at ports or an area of interest in the sea using AIS data
  • Detecting anomalies like outages or disruptions at facilities using geolocation data
  • Identifying underground water, chemical or sewage leakages at facilities using L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite imagery
  • Tracing tier 2-4 suppliers using connected commercial vehicles data, ship data, and other data sets

“The industrial sector underpins much of our economy and critical infrastructure, but it’s vulnerable to a range of external factors,” said Jens Tellefsen, SVP Product, Marketing & Data Partnerships at Orbital Insight. “Visibility is an essential tool to combat this uncertainty. By combining cutting-edge data sources through geospatial analytics, we can capture a clear picture into what’s happening at any facility within an industrial value chain. We’re thrilled to be bringing this solution to the market and helping organizations strengthen their facility resilience and performance.”

Facility Intelligence will empower industrial organizations so that ultimately they can mitigate risk more effectively and make more informed decisions and investments. Specifically, organizations may benefit from this solution by minimizing outage, reducing asset downtime, reducing business risk by mapping indirect suppliers, initiating countermeasures based on events, and addressing sourcing challenges.

Orbital Insight’s products go through a rigorous ethics process; to learn more about Orbital Insight’s framework please click the following link: ethics framework. The solution is now available in Orbital Insight’s GO platform for all customers.

To learn more about Orbital Insight and its products and services, visit or contact [email protected].

SOURCE Orbital Insight