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May 21st, 2019
Delair Introduces Open Payload Version of Long-Range UAV to Enable Custom Configuration of Sensing Capabilities

TOULOUSE, France – May 21, 2019 Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, today introduced a new model of its popular long-range UAV, the Delair DT26, which offers an easy-to-integrate architecture for adding user-specified sensors and other payloads to the platform. The Delair DT26 Open Payload model features a removable container which can hold up to 3 Kg of extra payload and be connected to a power supply of up to 140W. It allows drone users to quickly add specialized sensors for specific imagery needs, such as ultra-high resolution, multispectral and hyperspectral, thermal and oblique imaging capabilities. An optional cargo rack can be used to transport any type of items up-to 3 Kg over the long distance range the UAV supports.


Aerial data collection in industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, utilities, construction and transportation infrastructure benefit from being able to configure specific solutions with the modular platform that the DT26 provides. In addition to enabling application-specific sensing configurations, the Open Payload model is also well suited for a range of other use models, including research and development projects, sensor testing and proof-of-concept projects.


Typical use cases could include adding: multispectral sensors for monitoring crop health or for asset maintenance; optical gas sensors to inspect equipment and pipelines and monitor for leaks; high resolution sensors for detailed orthophotos of infrastructure in transportation and energy; oblique sensors to get a different view of the same target from the same position; and thermal sensors for detecting hot spots, small detects in equipment and measuring performance of solar collection systems.


“The Delair DT26 is a production proven, long-range and high-performance UAV that now can be custom-configured for any number of use needs through its highly stable payload cabin. The rugged design provides a safe and secure platform for precise and thorough inspections that often require specialized components. The platform can also serve as aerial testbed for sensor research and training as well. The Open Payload version has been specifically designed for efficient integration of sensors that will work seamlessly with the overall flight operation and workflows the DT26 offers and at a very affordable price,” said Benjamin Michel, Chief Product Officer at Delair.


The Delair DT26 Open Payload model is supported by a technical diagnosis service that helps customers evaluate the compatibility of their specific payloads with the UAV’s architecture.


Long endurance and high performance

The Delair DT26 features a long endurance flying range of up to 135 minutes, enabling it to operate in BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight). The integrated communication system supports both command and control as well as video datalink connectivity via radio or 3G cellular, and a maximum range of 30 km. It comes with very flexible mission planning and control software to ensure maximum productivity and ease of use.


The Delair DT26 Open Payload model is easy to deploy and transport, with typical deployment time of under 8 minutes. It can be launched in small spaces via its catapult take-off mechanism and features highly accurate belly landing capabilities, which enables it to land in challenging and remote terrains. Fully configured it weighs 17 Kg and features quick assembly components. A custom carrying case delivers more convenience for moving the UAV from project to project.


More information on the Delair DT26 Open Payload can be found here.


About Delair

Delair is a leading provider of end-to-end, drone-based solutions that enable enterprises to digitize their physical assets and turn the collected data into valuable business insights. The company’s offerings combine high performance, long range fixed-wing UAV hardware with Delair Aerial Intelligence (, the industry’s most powerful platform to manage, analyze and share aerial data. Its solutions are sold in over 70 countries with a network of more than 100 resellers in industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities and transportation. Delair has strengthened its position as a global leader through strategic acquisitions (Gatewing, Airware/Redbird), and a strategic investment by Intel Corporation. Founded in 2011 by experts in the aerospace industry, the company employs 180 people and has offices in Toulouse, Paris, Ghent, Belgium, Los Angeles, Beijing and Singapore. For more information, go to