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Esri India Achieves 1 Million Users Milestone
Esri India, the leading provider of Geographic Information System...
Bank Negara, Malaysian Space Agency to bolster financial management ecosystem via space technology
KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara Malaysia has partnered with the...
Nepal’s president advisor resigns after criticising inclusion of Indian areas in map on new currency
The economic advisor to Nepal’s president on Sunday (May...
TASA to launch six satellites from 2026
The Taiwan Space Agency (TASA) yesterday said it plans...
Japan to provide flood risk maps for four South-East Asian countries – Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia
JAKARTA/TOKYO: Japan plans to start providing flood risk maps...
Ecolab and ITE partners to harness water management knowledge for Singapore data center engineers
SINGAPORE, 29 APRIL 2024 – Nalco Water, an Ecolab...
NASA releases satellite photos of Dubai and Abu Dhabi before and after record flooding
NASA released photos of parts of Dubai and Abu...
Singapore releases 10-year Geospatial Master Plan
Singapore has launched its new Geospatial Master Plan (2024–33),...
Japan announces plans to launch upgraded observation satellites on new flagship rocket’s 3rd flight
TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s space agency announced Friday a...
Tesla China partners with Baidu for maps to clear FSD hurdle
Amidst Elon Musk’s unannounced trip to Beijing, China this...
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Singapore’s Online OneMap Provides Unprecedented Detail

Singapore has recently launched a high-resolution one-stop map for interaction with government data and services called OneMap. OneMap integrates data and services from a large number of government agencies, providing location-based services and information. Users can search for locations, get driving directions, obtain details from government agencies, and explore the highly-detailed map.’
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3D Cadastre and Future Expectations

Many organizations are considering to move from 2D to 3D operations. This trend is the result of several factors including newly developed technologies, improved computer performance, 3D software innovations and changes in cost structures. Several users report practical and effective gains through the use of 3D approaches. Cadastre are also impacted by the 3D shift. The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) has also been involved in investigating current and future potentials for 3D cadastre.
More on 3D cadastre 

Mapping Land Degradation and Desertification

During the past week Cambodia and the United Nations met together to discuss issues related to land degradation and desertification. Cambodia is a signatory to the United Nations Convention to combat Decertification (UNCCD) and the country currently 30 projects designed to combat desertification. The connection between desertification and water management is often not explored, and the meetings provided additional opportunities to discuss land management in a more holistic fashion.
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Japan Ends Land Observing Mission After Satellite Trouble

The Earth observation satellite stopped communicating with Earth on April 22, and Japan’s space agency announced the craft appeared to lose all electricity hours after it entered a low-power safe mode. Satellite controllers continued attempting to recover ALOS since the anomaly last month, but JAXA announced Thursday the spacecraft’s mission was completed.
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ISRO to Launch French Satellite in 2012

Continuing its programme of commercial launch of foreign satellites, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has lined up launch of an image capturing satellite of France next year, according to Parivakkam Subramaniam Veeraraghavan, director, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), a unit of ISRO. The French satellite SPOT (Satellite Pour l’observation de la Terre) is a high-resolution, optical imaging, earth observation satellite system. Currently SPOT 5 is working in the space and is expected to be withdrawn by the end of 2013.
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Turkey to Build Two ‘New Cities’ for Istanbul

Turkey announced plans to build two earthquake-resistant developments in the Istanbul area to lure residents away from dangerous neighborhoods. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the first of two “new cities” would be built on abandoned quarries and coal pits at the edge of Istanbul’s European side.
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Reforesting Rural Lands in Western China Pays Big Dividends

An innovative program to encourage sustainable farming in rural China has helped restore eroded forestland while producing economic gains for many farmers, according to a new study by Stanford University researchers. “The Sloping Land Conversion Program, which began in 2000 after massive flooding caused in part by land clearing, focuses on China’s largest source of soil erosion and flood risk – farms on steep slopes,” said study co-author Gretchen Daily.
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Proposal to Check Landslides in Kundasang

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry will soon submit a proposal to the State Government to address the frequent landslide occurrence in Kundasang. Its minister, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, said the proposal would include immediate, medium and long-term solutions needed to be set in place for managing landslide threats in the district.
More on landslides in Malaysia

Australian Mapping Invention will Cut Costs of Minerals Exploration

The cost of exploring for minerals has just become a lot cheaper, thanks to the development of new seismic imaging technology by a West Australian company. The technology, developed at Curtain University, creates detailed three dimensional maps of geological structures at a fraction of the cost of traditional drilling systems.
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May 13, 2011
New / Products

CHC Introduces New GPS Mapping Solutions

CHC announced the availability of Nava GPS Handheld series designed for any meter-level GPS mapping applications such as in forestry, agriculture, utilities, and local government, which are mainly capturing data about assets.

VERIPOS Opens Office in Australia

VERIPOS has extended its Middle East operations with the opening of a branch office, in early February. The facility is based in Dubai at the premises of Emphor FZCO, VERIPOS’ territorial sales and support agents who are also present in Abu Dhabi, Doha and Jebel Ali.

SuperPad 3 Selected by Survey & Instrument Specialists in Australia

Cody Corporation, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Australia and New Zealand, successfully promoted SuperPad 3 to Survey & Instrument Specialists, a reputed equipment supplier in Australia.


Feature-level Security for ArcGIS Server

Publishing sensitive data challenges operators with additional security requirements. In many cases, it is not sufficient to simply secure a complete service, as the constraints apply differently within the service on the level of layers or feature types, or even on single feature level.


OSM.Globe Client is Open Source: The Virtual Globe for OSM-3D “XNavigator”

The 3D Web Client “XNavigator” is a virtual globe application that acts as client to a “Web 3D Service (W3DS)”. W3DS is a draft specification by the OpenGeospatial Consortium (OGC), that has been extended by Arne Schilling of the GIScience Research Group at the University of Heidelberg.

FOIF – DS03 Training in High-precision Measurement for Ground Water Level

The Suzhou Science and Technology School of Environmental and Engineering Professor Zhang Xufu , teacher for the company to lead the marketing department, GNSS marketing, import and export department, technology center, quality control department and some other technical staff training. Training is mainly DS03 High Level of field measurements.

New CorelCAD Delivers Precision and Power at an Affordable Price

Corel today announced the expansion of its award-winning graphics and technical illustration portfolio with the introduction of CorelCAD, a powerful and affordable CAD solution that delivers native DWG (industry standard CAD file format) support, and the ability to seamlessly navigate between 2D and 3D environments.

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