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  • Jun 25, 2021
  • Comments Off on ProStar, the World Leader in Developing Precision Mapping Solutions®, Has Been Granted Another Major Canadian Patent
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June 25th, 2021
ProStar, the World Leader in Developing Precision Mapping Solutions®, Has Been Granted Another Major Canadian Patent

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.– ProStar Holdings Inc. (“ProStar®” or the “the Company”) (TSXV: MAPS) (FSE: 5D00), a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions®, is pleased to announce that Canadian Patent No. 3,034,837, prepared and prosecuted by Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP, one of the United States leading intellectual property law firms, has been granted to ProStar®. The patent is a pioneer patent and directed to mobile devices used for the data collection processes that capture information about utility assets, create data records, and transmit the information to the cloud from the mobile device. The patented device and method provide critical utility asset data in a more timely and efficient manner which helps to prevent damages to utilities and the environment during infrastructure construction, repair, and groundbreaking activities.

ProStar is a pioneer in precision utility locating, precision utility mapping, as well as digital management and distribution of utility information,” said Raymond R. Tabandeh, the LRRC partner who prosecuted the patent. “This is ProStar’s 20th issued patent and further buttresses ProStar’s extensive U.S. and Canadian patent portfolio,” added Tabandeh.

ProStar’s issued patent covers the system and methods for generating a precise location of a buried utility, as well as displaying the information and sharing the information in real time. The patent is comprehensive and includes information about the topography of a region and the utilities located within the region. The patented method and system covers critical information that is required, including providing information about the topography of the region; receiving information about a user collecting data related to one or more utilities in the region; receiving information about time and date of the collected data; receiving information about each of the utilities; receiving information about the location of each of the utilities; receiving information about the manner of collecting data; receiving information about revisions made to the information about the map; and integrating the received information with the information about the topography of the region into a geospatial data transaction. The information may then be displayed with reference to imagery of the area in real-time.

ProStar’s Chief Executive Officer and a coinventor of the issued patent, Page Tucker, stated, “It is a major milestone to have been issued our 20th patent. Not only does this issuance validate that we are the pioneer in utility mapping, but this issuance also puts us in a strong position supported by a very extensive IP portfolio to start prosecuting any patent infringements.

About Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

Ranked in the Top 50 Patent Firms in the U.S. by Juristat, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie’s patent attorneys have an undergraduate degree in science or engineering, and many of the attorneys have graduate degrees, enabling them to have a deeper understanding of clients’ technology. Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie serves clients along the full spectrum of disciplines mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, even naval architecture. Extensive patent services include: Patent Prosecution, Patent Litigation, Design Patents, International Patent Protection, Patent Opinions & Evaluations, Prior Art Searches & Evaluations, and PTAB Proceedings.

About ProStar® (TSXV: MAPS) (FSE: 5D00)

ProStar® is a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions®. ProStar’s flagship product, PointMan®, is natively cloud and mobile and is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS). ProStar’s solutions seamlessly connect the field with the office and provides the ability to precisely capture, record, display, and manage critical infrastructure data in real-time, including roads, railways, pipelines, and utilities. Some of the largest entities in North America have adopted ProStar’s solutions, including Fortune 500 construction firms, subsurface utilities engineering (SUE) firms, utility owners, and government agencies.

ProStar has strategic business partnerships are with the world’s leading geospatial technology providers, data collection equipment manufacturers and their dealer networks, including Trimble®, Juniper® Systems, Bad Elf, Vivax-Metrotech, Radiodetection®, and Subsite® Electronics.

The Company has made a significant investment in creating a vast intellectual property portfolio that includes 20 issued patents in the United States and Canada, with more pending. The patents protect the methods and systems required to digitally capture, record, organize, manage, distribute, and display the precise location of critical infrastructure including buried utilities and pipelines.

ProStar’s Executive management team has extensive experience in the management of both early stage and Fortune 500 technology companies in the private and public sectors. The leadership team includes Vasa Dasan, former CTO of Sun Microsystems, Carl Lashua, previous Chief Information Officer of HSBC Canada and Europe, and Matthew Breman, prior Executive for Disney.

For more information about ProStar, please visit: