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February 9th, 2022
Vexcel Introduces MapControl SDK to Help Developers Integrate the World’s Largest Aerial Imagery Program into Applications

CENTENNIAL, Colo.Feb. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vexcel Data Program released today a new SDK (software development kit) that gives developers the tools to bring the world’s largest aerial imagery program inside their own applications. With MapControl SDK, developers have the ability and flexibility to build more immersive ways to showcase high-resolution imagery and geospatial data.

“Access to accurate, high-resolution imagery is helping inform companies in new ways,” shared Erik Jorgensen, CEO of Vexcel Group. “MapControl SDK empowers developers to build more robust experiences in their own platforms using our vast aerial library and historical captures. The integrations could be endless, and we’re excited to see how developers use this SDK.”

Aerial imagery is revolutionizing and streamlining the way businesses validate ground conditions, view properties from multiple views, perform remote site inspections, track changes over time, and generate AI-driven analysis. MapControl SDK opens the door for developers to create and build in their native web- and desktop-based applications or add it to GIS, CAMA, and CAD systems.

A Seamless Integration of Powerful Imagery
MapControl SDK helps developers take advantage of Vexcel’s expertise in aerial imaging by using the same time-tested code used in its own web-based application. Some of the features and capabilities a developer can build include:

      • Embed oblique imagery to view properties from multiple directions (north, east, south, west).
      • Switch between ortho (2D) and oblique (3D) imagery, including high-resolution disaster response imagery
      • Add historical imagery at a single location to show changes over time
      • Incorporate tools to measure distance, height, area, and slope on high-resolution imagery
      • Use Vexcel’s REST APIs to bring in more data sets, including digital surface models, building footprints, and property attributes.

With just a few lines of JavaScript code, developers can pick and choose the functionality and imagery they want to use yet maintain their own branding and customer touchpoints in their systems. MapControl SDK can be used on its own or with other third-party map controls.

Vexcel currently runs the world’s largest aerial imagery program in 20 countries, delivering data at a resolution, clarity, and accuracy that’s never been delivered on a global scale. With multiple products such as oblique, true ortho, multispectral, and digital surface model (DSM) content collected, end users get access to the highest quality data available.

For more info on how to get started with MapControl SDK, visit

About Vexcel Data Program
For 30 years, Vexcel has been the industry leader in the photogrammetric and remote sensing space, providing a comprehensive library of cloud-based geospatial data. Vexcel’s unique technology stack results in unrivaled image quality, helping customers streamline remote assessment, innovate common workflows, and enhance decision-making with confidence. Vexcel captures aerial imagery and geospatial data in 20 countries, including US, UK, CanadaAustraliaJapan, and across Western Europe. More at