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December 9th, 2020
InterPro’s New EZMaxRequest Enables IBM Maximo Work Requests via Mobile App

Upgraded solution features new mobile app that provides real-time updates and enables conversations between requestors and service providers

STONEHAM, Mass. – InterPro Solutions, which offers the first and only suite of mobile solutions designed exclusively for IBM Maximo®, announced today a major upgrade to its popular EZMaxRequest (formerly EZRequest) solution. EZMaxRequest 4.0 is the only first and only Work Request Initiation and Tracking App that integrates directly with Maximo, bringing the power of Maximo to community members without the need for Maximo expertise or additional licenses.

Normally, initiating a work request requires a person to call, submit an online form, or send an email to a service center, where the service center team enters the request information into Maximo. Requests come in from a variety of sources, including community members (such as students on a college campus) and administrative staff. Once the work order is initiated and assigned, there are typically a number of phone calls, voicemails and emails – both inbound and outbound—to provide schedule and progress updates, or gather additional information. It’s very labor intensive for the service center team and frustrating for the requestors.

EZMaxRequest is an intuitive, easily tailored mobile app that not only enables basic work request initiation – providing a lower cost alternative to calling the service center or sending an email – but also provides a much better experience for both community members and the service team.

With the EZMaxRequest mobile app, requestors can now:

–       Download the app from their favorite app store

–       Get step-by-step guidance to create a request

–       Upload pictures (with mark-ups);

–       Add details with voice-to-text;

–       Select from map views of service locations;

–       Chat with service providers;

–       Receive push messages providing updates on progress towards resolution; and

–       Sign-up and sign-in using their Google, Facebook or Amazon credentials.

“EZMaxRequest is one of InterPro’s most popular offerings because the value is so clear,” said Bill Fahey, InterPro Solutions’, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Operations and maintenance teams using Maximo mobile products such as EXMaxMobile already enjoy the efficiencies and transparency of in-the-field work request initiation. With EZMaxRequest, we’ve extended those capabilities to non-Maximo community members so that when they see, or have, an issue, they can quickly take and mark-up a picture, identify the location, add a description with voice-to-text, and receive real-time updates. Our clients have reported significant call center efficiencies, improved data quality, faster response times, and greater first-fix rates. Project paybacks for three clients we worked with were all inside of one year.”

Key features of EZMaxRequest include:

–       Work Request Initiation: Enables authorized community members to initiate requests and enjoy real-time visibility into request status and progress.

–       Request Management: Simple-to-use administrative tool allows your service center team to easily manage and continuously monitor community work requests.

–       Push Notifications: Proactively notify requestors of ongoing progress toward resolution, including real-time receipt, technician assignment, and key status changes.

–       Configurable UI: Easy-to-configure forms provide unlimited flexibility to create an end-to-end experience that builds community trust and drives user satisfaction.

–       Map View: Easily input the service location from a map of selectable locations, and get a birds-eye view of requests across location and technician proximity.

–       Maximo Integration: As with all InterPro solutions, EZMaxRequest integrates seamlessly with Maximo.

–       Conversations: Enable conversations between your team and your community members, and log conversation history to the Maximo work record.

–       Secure User Authentication: Employs powerful standards-based authentication, allowing secure sign-up and sign-in through social identity providers such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and integration with SSO solutions such as Microsoft Active Directory.

To learn more about InterPro’s EZMaxRequest, visit

About InterPro Solutions

InterPro Solutions, an IBM Business Partner, offers the first and only suite of mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions designed exclusively for IBM Maximo, — using native Maximo rules, permissions and datastores – eliminating double updates, data lags and synchronization failures.  InterPro’s EZMax™ Suite expands upon native Maximo capabilities to mirror the way people actually work — with intuitive interfaces, bold graphics, and rich functionality – allowing operations and maintenance professionals to do their jobs efficiently and effectively without the cost, complexity and service impacts of available alternatives. To learn more, visit