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May 26th, 2020
Next Generation of Drone Surveying System Features Now Available from Microdrones

Rome, NY – Fresh off the heels of releasing a new Microdrones as a Service (mdaaS) business model that makes drone surveying and LiDAR accessible to geomatics companies of all sizes, Microdrones announces additional developments that demonstrate a constant commitment to customers. According to Microdrones CEO Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil, “By and large, surveying professionals are still out there getting work done amidst the shutdowns; that’s why we continue to make improvements to our complete systems and survey equipment.”

Frank Darmayan, COO for the company adds, “There is a saying to never to judge a book by its cover… well, that applies to technology as well. To the casual onlooker, our drones may look the same as they have for many years, but beneath that robust and trusted exterior is a strong history of constant technological advancement.”

The company execs are referring to the latest generation of improvements to its unmanned aircraft, which provide the backbone of its survey equipment. “We are always working with our customers, consulting with them on their field projects,” says Darmayan. “So, we get a firsthand understanding of what they need. We may be working a little differently right now, but we are working just as hard as ever for our customers.”

Following are new features that are included with all newly sold survey equipment from Microdrones:

  • mdInfinity

Next generation systems from Microdrones are compatible with mdInfinity, a powerful cloud-based ecosystem that will enable you to remotely, quickly and efficiently process geospatial data, including Trajectory Processing, Georeferencing, Boresight Calibration, Strip Adjustment, Precision Enhancement, Point Colorization and FORMap. 

  • Tap & Fly

With Tap & Fly, your traditional remote controller becomes a safety backup; now you can plan, monitor and control automated drone surveying missions from the mdCockpit application on your tablet. Watch a video demonstration of Tap & Fly by clicking this link.

  • Encrypted Digital Data Link

Conveniently command and control your survey equipment using your tablet. Encryption provides additional security for project and plan data.

  • Mag-less navigation

Drone navigation is more robust and less subject to magnetic field interference with no need for magnetometer during flight.

  • Integrated Cooling Covers

New motor covers enhance motor cooling and motor longevity on your survey equipment.

  • Extended Communication Range Operation

Subject to local regulations, new systems will have increased capability to maintain communications over extended flight distances- available in select markets.

  • Handover Control

(Optional, available upon request) Transfer control of the drone between multiple tablets. Take off from Point A with Tablet 1, switch control at Point B to Tablet 2, etc. Helpful for corridor and BVLOS applications

Following are new features that are included with all newly sold md4-1000 based survey equipment:

  • Tri Blade Quadcopter

Increased flight performance for high altitude projects with three blade prop integration.

Vice President of Sales for Microdrones, Vincent Legrand explains, “Although growing rapidly, we have a large installed base of loyal users who have purchased survey equipment from us in the past. We are eager to help those users upgrade their older systems to the latest standards so they can enjoy all the same features and functionality as our newest customers, at a reasonable cost. We invite existing users to contact their salesperson, and we will put together a customized quote for the upgrade.”

CEO Heriard-Dubreuil concludes, “We are developing cutting edge, integrated technology. It evolves rapidly, but with our new mdaaS model and new system features, we are making it easy for our customers to continue with us on the adventure.”


About Microdrones

Microdrones grew out of the collaboration between the German inventor of the world’s first commercial quadcopter and a determined surveying payload and software developer in North America. The result is a global aerial mapping technology company that delivers complete and reliable mapping systems specifically developed for the surveying, mining, construction, oil & gas and precision agriculture industries. Microdrones Integrated Systems are industrial tools addressing specific complex mapping challenges for professional customers, relying on a fully integrated geospatial workflow that enables cutting-edge software technology from Microdrones to transform raw data collected in the field by Microdrones survey equipment into valuable high-quality survey grade data. Microdrones is widely recognized for its LiDAR technology leadership.

Microdrones has engineering centers and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Canada, France, China and the United States, as well as a sales, support and distribution network spanning six continents. To learn more about Microdrones, visit