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February 26th, 2019
Simple GIS Software Proudly Releases Simple GIS Client Version 11

Simple GIS Software, LLC has announced that it has released version 11 of its Simple GIS Client Application, a lightweight but powerful desktop GIS software for Windows PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Simple GIS Client is a powerful, feature rich GIS application for Windows platforms without all of the expense of traditional desktop GIS applications. With Simple GIS, users can view, analyze, edit, and author data as well as freely download popular data from the US Census Bureau, OpenStreetMap, and USGS using built in data “wizards”, all from within Simple GIS. When combined with its sophisticated spatial and data analytics, users can leverage their data to help answer complex problems.New features introduced in Version 11 include:
• Custom Data Forms
Simple GIS now allows you to build custom data forms for your feature attributes using a visual form designer with no coding required. These custom forms give the user much more control of the visualization and editing capabilities of their feature attribute data including support for linked documents, combo boxes, radio groups, check boxes, and more.


•Layer Selection Support when Converting PDF Topo Maps to Geotiff using the USGS National Map Data Wizard
Simple GIS now allows you to select which layers from the georeferenced pdf topo map you want converted to geotiff when using the USGS National Map Data Wizard.


•Support for ArcGrid and File Geodb datasets from the USGS National Map Data Wizard
Simple GIS now supports downloading and converting ArcGrid and File Geodb datasets from the USGS when downloading data through the USGS National Map Data Wizard. Arcgrid datasets will be converted to geotiff and File Geodb data will be converted to shapefiles.


•Added Support for Generating Heat Maps from Polygon Data
Simple GIS now supports the creation of heat maps from polygon shapefiles. The operations are the same as creating heat maps from point shapefiles except that Simple GIS uses the centroids of the source polygons as the input points into the calculation.


•Added Support for Users to Save Their Demographic Query Definitions.
Simple GIS now comes installed with several pre-defined demographic queries based upon the US Census Bureau’s American Community 5 yr Survey. In addition, users can still build their own query definition, but can now save this definition for re-use. This prevents the user from having to re-select all of the fields they want to include in their query. Once you save the query definition parameters, users can simply select this query definition from a list to re-apply on their new dataset. Also, this tool has been combined with the Create Buffers tool and Calculate Drive Time Rings tool allowing the user to combine demographic data with their buffer generation in a single step. The Calculate Drive Time Rings tool has also been improved to allow the input of multiple points manually, or by selected point features of chosen layer, or by selected point features of graphics.



• New Data Explorer Tool
Simple GIS now contains a new Data Explorer tool to visualize and compare numerical data across multiple features within a single layer. This can be particularly useful when you have features containing�g data samples or demographic data and want to visualize comparisons between features.


•Improved OpenStreetMap Data Download Support
The OpenStreetMap wizard has been improved by allowing you to download preprocessed OpenStreetMap data and Tiger data from the US Census Bureau for quicker installation by eliminating the need for data processing once downloaded to the users computer. Download data on just a single US State or select the “All US States” to download the entire dataset for the US. Datasets are geocoded and fully routable by Simple GIS. Great for offline use to map addresses, drive time buffer analysis, routing and navigation support. The new structure also allows for the inclusion of datasets from other regions outside of the US in the future.


Simple GIS can communicate with external or on board GPS devices that support the NMEA 0183 protocol or the Windows 10 location sensor platform. In addition, Simple GIS provides full support for importing or exporting in GPX (GPS Exchange) file format and is lightweight enough to run on laptop or tablet devices running a Windows operating system.

Simple GIS is also highly customizable and provides the ability for users to write their own custom VB procedures and functions and create custom menus. A fully integrated debugger is included to help users troubleshoot their custom VB procedures. Visit to see all of the features Simple GIS provides.


About Simple GIS Software
Simple GIS Software provides easy to use and lightweight GIS applications for Windows. Our mission is simple, provide quality GIS software at the lowest price. Simple GIS Software is headquartered in Pineville, Louisiana. For more information, please visit our website at: