Thanks to a new full HD 360° panoramic camera, Italy’s Gexcel says its HERON® system has become a powerful tool for geospatial data mining: “to digitally document, collect and geo-reference large datasets and information inside indoor environments has never been so easy, thanks to the perfect integration with OrbitGT packages too.” In mining it can be used as a tool for mapping mineral processing plants, concentrator facilities and equipment OEM factories.

The HERON® family is currently composed of HERON® AC-2 and HERON® MS-2 (rugged device for underground mines or difficult environments), both available in the Color configuration. The HERON® LITE model is the best solution for customers who want to join the HERON® family with an affordable investment.

Gexcel summarised what it sees as the innovative benefits provided by the new HERON® family:

  • Thanks to the new high-res 360° panoramic camera, HERON® “has become the best choice for facility management, geospatial applications, digital 3D documentation, digital twins for remote planning and project, revamping projects of industrial plants, etc”
  • With the GoBlueprint® free tool (fast point clouds 2D visualisation), HERON® “users can easily share with clients, already in the field and almost in real-time, the results of the HERON® fast 3D mapping.”
  • Now, point clouds coming from drones and/or static scans, as GNSS known points, can become constraints information inside the workflow of the HERON® 3D SLAM data processing