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November 7th, 2023
Balboa Geolocation to Exhibit POINTER at Trimble Dimensions+ User Conference at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas November 6-8

Balboa Geo to exhibit at Trimble Dimensions+ User Conference

LOS ANGELES – Balboa Geolocation, Inc (Balboa Geo) is pleased to announce it is participating at Trimble Dimensions + User Conference 2023. Balboa Geo will be exhibiting its POINTER system. POINTER is a disruptive geospatial technology using Magneto-Electro-Quasi-Static (M/EQS) field for Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) in GPS-denied, degraded, or disrupted environments. The POINTER system is comprised of unique hardware and SaaS applications that can be easily deployed. It is not dependent on overhead architecture such as satellites, cell towers or other large infrastructure. POINTER can be used indoors, subterranean, and underwater where most other PNT technologies fail to perform. POINTER generates real-time, actionable insights that are visualized at the job site or tactical edge. Notably, it provides end users with the ability to operate in 3-dimensions on the “X ,Y and Z” axes with centimeter level accuracy.

POINTER data and software enables post-event analytics to improve workflows and productivity. POINTER may be used as a freestanding system or layered with other geospatial technologies. POINTER data is highly interoperable and can be ingested by third party applications in real-time. Additional planned capabilities for POINTER will include AI/ML-driven data fusion to provide physics-driven neural networks for decision support and predictive modeling. POINTER is designed for end users in commercial, industrial, public safety, and defense sectors.

“Trimble Dimensions + User Conference is an outstanding event featuring Trimble’s extensive portfolio of technology and services across the many verticals it serves and its global customer base”, stated Joseph A. Boystak, Executive Chairman, Balboa Geo. “This conference enables Balboa Geo to showcase the broad application of POINTER and the unique benefits it can deliver many end users. We believe POINTER technology is synergistic with and augments many existing geospatial technologies for superior results. POINTER will enhance job site performance, safety and generate ROI for our customers,” Boystak further noted.

Please visit Balboa Geo at Booth 218 at the Trimble Dimensions + User Conference.

Balboa Geo is also pleased to announce its invitation to participate in Trimble’s 0-60 Accelerator 2023 Program along with GeoScholar and Texas A&M Unversity. This program will feature the use of Balboa Geo’s POINTER and its data, and GeoScholar’s Cybersecurity and Geospatial Authentication tools with Trimble applications including but not limited to Trimble RealWorld, Trimble Tekla, Sketchup, etc.

About Balboa Geo

Balboa Geo is an advanced geospatial technology company developing innovative solutions for large-scale commercial and governmental requirements by integrating its novel hardware, proprietary software-as-a-service (SaaS) and AI/ML models for data-driven analytics.

Balboa Geo’s initial products and services focus on high precision geospatial solutions for GPS-denied, degraded, and disrupted environments with broad application in commercial, industrial, public safety, and defense sectors. Its first-in-class, patent protected technology known as “POINTER” was developed at Caltech NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) with significant research funding support from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, DARPA, among others. POINTER is exclusively licensed by Balboa Geo for all fields of use globally. POINTER is expected to be commercially available in 2024.

Contact Info:

889 North Douglas Street, El Segundo, California 90245, United States

[email protected]