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May 22nd, 2023
Cubic Demonstrates Actionable Intelligence Solutions at GEOINT 2023 Symposium

SAN DIEGO- Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions (CMPS) will showcase actionable intelligence solutions from the edge to the enterprise at the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) 2023 Symposium, May 22 to 24 at America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Missouri.

Cubic Digital Intelligence provides secure full-motion video and geospatial solutions to transform intelligence ecosystem into a capability advantage. “The CMPS portfolio is focused on innovation to address ever-evolving threats and provides mission-driven solutions designed to accelerate decision-making in a time of need,” said CMPS president Paul Shew. “We’re looking forward to demonstrating our deployed and trusted edge solutions that enable data-centric operations.”

Visit Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions in Booth #1102. Top executives will be on-site to demonstrate solutions that include edge computing and networking, geospatial intelligence and tracking terminal solutions.

Enhanced Capabilities at the Edge with Strike Suite and HORUS: Strike Suite is an integrated and flexible software defined C5ISR solution that enables joint fires and effects, remote targeting and enhanced situational awareness by fusing multi-domain battlefield data. It delivers decisive and effective fire support from any platform, anywhere in the world. Strike Suite ensures combat commanders have access to real-time intelligence independent of larger data networks to store and deliver vital information. It is a communication-agnostic platform that interfaces to TDL, CDL, SATCOM and Tactical Radio systems.

HORUS 3U VPX Multifunction Processor (MFP) – HORUS delivers the latest innovations in enterprise cloud architectures and tactical hardware to offer an integrated solution for the tactical edge. HORUS is an integrated, mission-ready platform for data processing and dissemination that can scale with airborne clusters or operating in isolation. To achieve this new, best in class MFP, HORUS brings together proven data center patterns like Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) and combines them in the Open Airborne Rugged Compute Hardware – Releasable (OpenARCH-R™) platform from XP Engineering to meet the most demanding mission environments.

Access the World with HiPER LOOK/HiPER DRIVE/KiOSK: HiPER LOOK is a high-performance map server that automatically streams large volumes of imagery, maps and terrain data via OGC-compliant web services (e.g., WMS, WMTS, WCS, KML). HiPER LOOK supports export to multiple formats, terrain analysis and on-the-fly layers reprojection.

KiOSK enables users to create custom packages of geospatial data and delivers HiPER LOOK capabilities to the tactical edge by generating HiPER DRIVE tactical servers. HiPER DRIVE expands the HiPER LOOK capabilities and provides HiPER LOOK capability in a standalone server deployed on a commodity hard drive and used over a small tactical LAN. HiPER DRIVE includes an embedded web viewer, which allows users to complete their mission in disconnected environments.

Witness the Future of Full Motion Video (FMV) with Unified Video and Anubis: Cubic is thrilled to announce the launch of Unified Video+, a next-generation Full Motion Video (FMV) application. Designed for scalability from edge computing applications to enterprise-level operations, Unified Video+ builds upon 18 years of global video dissemination and analysis expertise to deliver unparalleled video technology solutions.

Unified Video+ presents a streamlined approach to FMV applications, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge capabilities into one platform. It transforms the way organizations manage content, process, and disseminate mission data.

“Our goal with Unified Video+ was to merge our wealth of experience with today’s advanced technology and present a solution that meets the growing demands of our diverse client base,” said Randy Fields, VP and GM of Cubic Digital Intelligence. “This platform isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer in the way organizations interact with mission data, from edge applications to enterprise-wide deployments.”

Unified Video+ introduces a plethora of innovative features, focusing on intuitive user interface that simplifies operation without compromising on power and flexibility, and allowing tailored experiences with plugins that unlock advanced machine learning capabilities, robust data processing, detailed analytics. Further, its scalable architecture allows it to effortlessly adapt to various operational sizes and demands, making it the perfect FMV solution for any organization.

Anubis is a fully immersive FMV Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) solution that enables contextual awareness at the point of interest and beyond. Anubis streamlines critical workflows and enables more rapid analysis and reporting along with automated secondary product creation. Anubis also integrates real-time feed management, viewing and collaboration tools. The Anubis user experience supports a comprehensive view of FMV assets. Additionally, Anubis allows users to view mission-critical data from widely distributed sensors in a 3D Common Operating Picture (COP).

Accelerate Your GEOINT with HiPER CLOUD: HiPER CLOUD provides rapid spatiotemporal geospatial search, discovery and visualization tools for exploiting commercial, tactical and national geospatial data. HiPER CLOUD optimizes data for low-bandwidth, high-latency access and provides OGC-compliant services for streaming content and rapidly visualizing data over an area of interest. HiPER CLOUD can also export data into standard formats such as NITF, JPEG, and PNG.

Transform Tactical Data with TAKTICS: TAKTICS is a web-based software tool to quickly view and download geospatial data that is formatted for mobile devices and the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) app. TAKTICS also includes other geospatial data, including terrain models, OBJs, and 3D tiles, which can be quickly exported to integrate easily with multiple exploitation tools.

Space Data Delivered to the Edge with GATR TRAC Tracking Terminal: The GATR TRAC is a tactical, sensor-agnostic, direct-downlink terminal that can communicate with multi-orbit (e.g., GEO, MEO, LEO) constellations and aerial sensors and provide assured, timely receipt of ISR data and enable deep sensing from the space and aerial layers.

To learn more about Cubic products and services, visit

About Cubic

Cubic creates and delivers technology solutions in transportation that make people’s lives easier by simplifying their daily journeys, and defense capabilities that help promote mission success and safety for those who serve their nation. Led by our talented teams around the world, Cubic is driven to solve global challenges through innovation and service to our customers and partners.

Part of Cubic’s portfolio of businesses, Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions (CMPS) provides networked Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) solutions and is a leading provider of live, virtual, constructive and game-based training solutions for both U.S. and Allied Forces. These mission-inspired capabilities enable assured multi-domain access; converged digital intelligence; and superior readiness for defense, intelligence, security and commercial missions. For more information, visit