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  • Apr 20, 2023
  • Comments Off on Astræa Launches New Satellite Tasking Capabilities With Major Satellite Imagery Providers
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April 20th, 2023
Astræa Launches New Satellite Tasking Capabilities With Major Satellite Imagery Providers

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-Astraea, Inc., a platform for spatiotemporal data and analytics, announces a new ordering service offering access to advanced satellite imagery sources from providers like Planet Labs PBC, among others. With the launch of the ordering service, Astræa customers get scalable access to the most advanced commercial satellite imagery on the market.

By providing access to all of the world’s best imagery providers within a single solution and a flexible, pay-per-use pricing model, Astræa is making imagery-derived insights more accessible and an enterprise-grade space strategy more obtainable. The unique pairing of Astræa’s platform with the new ordering service helps position Astræa as an industry leader in strategic imagery collection and spatiotemporal analysis. Enterprises can now maximize the value of Earth observation (EO) by leveraging scientific imagery for broad analysis and zeroing in on risk and opportunity indicators with commercial imagery. Flexible delivery operations support integration into existing business systems and platforms.

CEO at Astræa, Daniel Bailey commented, “We are excited to continue to lead the innovation in this space with our trusted partners. Our partnership with Planet supports our core customer requirements of marrying frequent revisit with resolution. Our cutting-edge software allows customers to access this variety of data and derive actionable insights at scale with never- before-seen ease and efficiency.”

Astræa is continually adding new data partners, including non-EO datasets, which provide customers with unique, low-latency data sources on market-leading commercial terms. Customers will no longer need to concern themselves with managing multiple data contracts, APIs, and data formats as Astræa has the explicit mission to deliver data in a consistent and standardized format across different imagery providers, like with their partner Planet, all on one platform.

After ordering imagery through Astræa, enterprises can gain geospatial insights faster. This is enabled by creating custom analytics to derive the right answers, optimized dashboards that are tailored to glean insights at scale and over time, and seamless integrations.

“The advanced monitoring capabilities that are enabled by Planet’s tasking combined with Astræa’s spatiotemporal platform enable highly detailed monitoring applications related to elevating market intelligence in the renewable energy, commodity trading, and ESG sectors in particular,” said Daniel Bailey.

Bailey continued, “When we look at where these sectors need technology unlock, we see that pairing an intuitive and collaborative platform like that of Astræa with unmatched on-demand imagery like that of Planet is what really moves the needle.”

To leverage the full extent of the utility of the new satellite tasking capabilities on the Astræa platform, first customers can import all existing site information that is in any standard geospatial format and both query and report on all sites with a single API for both publicly available imagery sources like that of Sentinel 2 and near-daily satellite imagery from Planet. Then, teams can share a common view of projects and associated imagery by leveraging in-app mapping tools and sharing notes and comments over space and time. Next, users can derive aggregated and site-specific insights over time and uncover trends in human-readable and customizable dashboards. Tabular data can be exported directly for further analysis within an enterprise database. Finally, tailored analytics allow customers to leverage the expertise of Astræa’s team of data scientists to detect changes, assess risk, monitor competition, and build robust solutions to the world’s greatest challenges on top of the most advanced imagery on the market.

About Astræa

Astræa was founded in 2016 as a for-profit Benefit Corporation located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Astræa’s cloud-native platform leverages geospatial data from more than 1,000 satellites to address some of the most pressing challenges we face today. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing technologies, the Astræa platform enables customers to access and operationalize spatiotemporal insights across multiple industries including clean energy, agriculture, conservation, carbon finance, and real estate.

Astræa: See the Earth as it could be.

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