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March 17th, 2023
EagleView Unveils Revolutionary Geospatial Platform for Industries and Public Sector

Commercial enterprises and government organizations can now leverage the EagleView Platform to create innovative geospatial services and solutions

Bellevue, WA – EagleView Technologies, Inc., a leading aerial imagery, software, and analytics provider, is opening its powerful platform for strategic customer and partner access. The EagleView Platform will provide customers and partners the capabilities to access interactive experiences, improve current workflows and create services and solutions with the same core capabilities and tools that power EagleView’s renowned products and services.

“With this platform, we are opening access to the capabilities that have made EagleView an industry-leading geospatial solution provider,” said EagleView CEO Chris Jurasek. “Now, companies across all industries from architecture, engineering, and infrastructure to wireless service providers will be able to build solutions utilizing our proprietary software, imagery and property data sets into their own products and workflows, speeding innovation and delivery.”

The platform includes the capability to leverage EagleView’s library spanning multiple decades and 20 million+ square miles of geospatial images and data captured using EagleView’s technology. This native access to the multi-decade imagery database includes high-precision aerial captures of properties and rural and city landscapes (including bridges, roads, powerlines and other features) from which strategic partners can utilize machine learning tools to extract unique data.

The EagleView Platform offers strategic enterprise customers and partners the capabilities to both identify and extract features of the natural and built environment of residential and commercial property, as well as assets and infrastructure. These next-generation capabilities combine imagery, machine learning, and change analytics. The vertically integrated platform includes the capability for image storage, image processing, feature identification, and extraction of new geospatial data insights.

With the EagleView Platform, strategic customers and partners can utilize:

  • A 20+ year historical database of proprietary aerial and drone imagery, covering 94 percent of the North American population, 20 million+ square miles of visual records, and the majority of U.S. counties.
  • Geospatial information captured to ensure geolocation accuracy, geometric quality, and photometric quality.
  • High-resolution ortho and oblique imagery that allows for feature identification, extraction, and change comparison.
  • Multi-source cloud imagery storage including drone, aerial and other technologies.

EagleView Platform offers game-changing innovation and speed. Our customers, which consists of landscape architects and designers, will now be able to optimize their design processes as well as provide innovative proposals” said Noah Nehlich, Founder of Structure Studios. “We are excited to partner with EagleView to give our customers a competitive edge.”

To discuss your specific solution or learn more, please contact Eagleview.

About EagleView

EagleView is a leader in geospatial technology, providing solutions that transform how our customers work. EagleView has the most significant geospatial data and imagery library ever assembled, encompassing 94 percent of the North American population. EagleView’s unique technology portfolio comprises more than 300 patents, enabling it to offer highly differentiated software, imagery, and analytics products for multiple industries.