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April 13th, 2022
TCarta to Showcase Satellite-Derived Bathymetric Products on Absolute Ocean Platform at GEOINT 2022

Presentations Include Trident Tools, ICESat-2 Data


DENVER, Colorado  – TCarta Marine, a Colorado-based small business and global provider of hydrospatial products, will present its satellite-derived bathymetric (SDB) data sets on Terradepth’s Absolute Ocean visualization platform for the first time at GEOINT 2022. Additional in-booth presentations will feature the latest SDB techniques for extracting water depth measurements from MAXAR, Sentinel, Satellogic, and other satellite image data.


TCarta recently signed a partnership agreement with Terradepth, an Austin, Texas, organization committed to enhancing the world’s understanding of deep ocean ecosystems through advanced data collection and analysis techniques. Absolute Ocean is Terradepth’s cloud-based, browser-accessible ocean data management platform designed to facilitate exploration of marine geospatial data sets including multibeam, side scan, synthetic aperture sonar, LiDAR, and magnetometer.


“Absolute Ocean provides a unique new way to visualize and analyze TCarta SDB products,” said TCarta President Kyle Goodrich. “The platform allows users to easily overlay multiple data sets on SDB layers to gain new perspectives on the subsurface marine environment.”


TCarta will display Absolute Ocean in Booth 737 at this year’s GEOINT Symposium, which is being held April 24-27, in Aurora (Denver), Colorado. On hand to meet attendees and make presentations will be Kyle Goodrich, TCarta President & Founder; Corey Goodrich, Managing Partner; and Ross Smith, Technical Project Manager.


The TCarta team will be demonstrating how NASA ICESat-2 LiDAR data sets can be visualized and manipulated for validation of SDB products, as well as holding 10- to 15-minute scheduled in-booth presentations on specific products, data sets, and case studies, including space-based bathymetry production from multiple sources in the Trident Toolbox.


Trident Tools (SDB) Geoprocessing Toolbox is TCarta’s software-as-a-service product, a series of software applications that operate within Esri ArcGIS Pro and allow organizations to perform their own extraction of bathymetric measurements from satellite, aerial, and UAV imagery. The Trident Toolbox contains a pre-processing tool to allocate calibration and validation in situ source data, two algorithm workflows to derive water depth measurements using Machine Learning and empirical regression, and a statistics estimation tool for quality assurance and SDB validation.


With offices in the United States, Jamaica, and Canada, TCarta has built an international business on cost-effectively and safely deriving onshore and offshore data sets using multispectral imagery captured by Earth observation satellites – without negative impact on the natural habitat. TCarta products and services are relied upon by governmental, insurance, oil & gas, environmental, and infrastructure development clients in applications as diverse as natural resource monitoring, tsunami modeling, disaster & hazard response, and hydrologic studies.


About TCarta (

The TCarta product lines include high-resolution satellite-derived water depth and seafloor map products as well as 90- and 30-meter GIS-ready bathymetric data aggregated from numerous information sources. TCarta has also recently unveiled the use of ICESat-2 LiDAR data sets for use in SDB validation, and the TCarta Global Satellite Derived Bathymetry (G-SDB) off-the-shelf products. G-SDB is generated with Machine Learning and ICESat-2 laser data at 10m resolution to depths of 30m depending on water clarity.