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February 3rd, 2022
Space Foundation Launches Space Commerce Institute

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Space Foundation, a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983 for the global space ecosystem, today launched Space Commerce Institute, a program offered by Center for Innovation and Education to facilitate access and growth for university students, entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals.

“We have entered the era of access and opportunity with a broad range of new innovators in the global space ecosystem,” said Space Foundation CEO Tom Zelibor. “Space Commerce Institute solidifies our programming and accelerates the onboarding and advancement of a diverse range of individuals and companies — all contributing to filling the innovation gap and building the workforce needed to meet the growing demands of the space commerce landscape.”

As a $447 billion and growing global economy, space is creating jobs, driving innovation, reshaping markets, and changing lives for the better. Space Commerce Institute allows participants to learn from space leaders and experts how to navigate the evolving mandates from concept to creation in the space industry.

Tapping into nearly four decades of advocacy by Space Foundation, Space Commerce Institute provides accessible, actionable and tangible programming that eases entry into and advancement within the space ecosystem. From supporting space exploration and national security needs to serving critical infrastructures through new innovations, space technologies are opening new avenues for commerce and careers.

Led by Kelli Kedis Ogborn, Space Foundation’s new vice president of space commerce and entrepreneurship, Space Commerce Institute will offer four distinct pillars of service, each designed at various levels to support specialized needs:

Space Foundation University

Dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and individuals who want a career in the space industry, Space Foundation University offers robust education courses taught by trusted experts who share real-world experience as they guide participants through experiential learning scenarios. Offered courses provide building blocks for the next generation of space professionals to gain the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Consulting Services

Leveraging Space Foundation’s extensive global network of experts, Space Commerce Institute offers consulting services to meet the unique demands of those making an impact in the growing space industry. Services can either be ad-hoc or project-based, making it possible to focus on targeted needs for business execution and growth. Many promising young and high-growth companies need a flexible structure, so they receive the right advice at the right time, at a reasonable price point.

Professional Development

Focused on next-generation and mid-level space professionals who want to enhance their skill sets for career advancement, Space Commerce Institute’s professional development programming moves beyond networking to add best practices to their toolbox, including upskilling and leadership courses to close the gap on the critical capabilities necessary for career advancement. Taught directly by experts in the field, Space Commerce Institute accelerates a participant’s trajectory toward their goals with confidence.

Specialized Programming

Tailored services are offered for companies that require custom programming to fit their needs and objectives.

Because of her extensive experience in R&D and technology commercialization of space and defense innovations, Space Foundation selected Kelli Kedis Ogborn to spearhead Space Commerce Institute. Before joining Space Foundation, Kedis Ogborn served as president and chief executive officer of H.S. Dracones, a consulting firm focused on technology commercialization, and was contracted as the congressional liaison to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) through Spire Communications and Booz Allen Hamilton.

“Space Commerce Institute provides the right tools at the right time to meet participants where they are and expand their business and career opportunities,” commented Kedis Ogborn. “Space is implicated in a diverse array of industries, in which as one part of the ecosystem develops, the whole network moves forward together.”

About Space Commerce Institute

Space Commerce Institute is a program offered by Center for Innovation and Education to facilitate access and growth for university students, entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals in the global space ecosystem. The program offers four distinct pillars of service, each designed at various levels to support specialized needs throughout phases of growth: Space Foundation University, Professional Development, Consulting Services, and Specialized Programming. To learn more about Space Commerce Institute, visit

About Center for Innovation and Education

Center for Innovation and Education, a division of Space Foundation, is a lifelong learning provider for the global space ecosystem that offers workforce development and economic opportunity for pre-K-12 and university students, teachers, entrepreneurs, businesses and space professionals. Programs and resources are delivered in person or virtually around the globe. Through its Workforce Development Roadmap of programs and resources, Center for Innovation and Education enhances the outlook and opportunities for careers, jobs and business ventures. To learn more about Center for Innovation and Education, please visit, and visit to learn more about Space Foundation Discovery Center.

About Space Foundation

Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, offering a gateway to information, education and collaboration for space exploration and space-to-Earth industries that define the global space ecosystem. Driven by a partnership model, Space Foundation operates three divisions that unite the entire spectrum of stakeholders — business, government, education and local communities — through support from corporate membership, sponsorship, fundraising and grants. Symposium 365 is the premier source for media and events, including Space Symposium and The Space Report; Center for Innovation and Education is a lifelong learning provider; and Global Alliance facilitates collaboration around the world. Visit Space Foundation at, and follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, InstagramTwitter and YouTube