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May 14th, 2021
Coldchain Delivery Systems Finalizes $750,000 Definitive Agreement with Draganfly

Coldchain Delivery Systems, a Leading Medical and Vaccine Supply Chain Management Company to the US Government Selects Draganfly to Provide Medical and Vaccine Payload System and Flight Services

Los Angeles, CA. – Draganfly Inc. (OTCQB: DFLYF) (CSE: DFLY) (FSE: 3U8) (“Draganfly” or the “Company”), an award-winning, industry-leading drone solutions, and systems developer, is pleased to announce that Coldchain Technology Services, LLC (“Coldchain Delivery Systems”) has signed a definitive agreement with Draganfly to develop, deploy and operate solutions for the delivery of medical supplies, medicine, and vaccines.

Coldchain Delivery Systems provides solutions for healthcare supply chain management for multiple governments and ‎commercial clients, including the Defense Logistics Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and ‎Prevention, Reserve Component forces, Johnson & Johnson brands, Chicago Department of ‎Public Health, Texas Department of State Health Services, and others‎.

The definitive agreement provides for phase one of a planned five-phase roll-out for the comprehensive development, deployment, and operation of a medical drone delivery service as well as the development of a solution for the timely delivery of medical supplies, medicine, and vaccines. Phase one will also include working with various regulatory bodies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, to obtain licenses and approvals for initial non-commercial beta test delivery routes. Phase one has a value of $125,000, to be executed over a maximum of ten months and the parties have agreed to negotiate an extension to the definitive agreement for phase two prior to the expiry of phase one. Under phase two, Coldchain Delivery Systems will commit to purchasing no less than USD$625,000 in equipment and services from Draganfly.

“The partnership between Coldchain Delivery Systems and Draganfly will enable us to ensure delivery of medicine, supplies, and vaccines,” said Wayne Williams Founder and Executive Director of Coldchain Delivery Systems. “Draganfly’s commitment to enabling access to essential medical supplies by building an advanced payload system to accommodate our requirements is extremely exciting.”

“We are excited to develop a payload system that will leverage our extensive patent portfolio as well as secured auto-pilot and flight management system”, said Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly. “Coldchain Delivery Systems is a leader in healthcare supply chain management and we are looking forward to helping deliver via UAV medical supplies to remote areas.”

About Coldchain Delivery Systems

Coldchain Delivery Systems is the leader in time and temperature-sensitive medical material management integrating proven systems with the documentation fundamental to accreditation and effective Quality Control Systems. Coldchain Delivery Systems’ remote monitoring system, pre-qualified thermal shippers, inventory control, fulfillment, and QAQC solutions ensure the Integrity and Security of its client’s product.

About Draganfly

Draganfly Inc. (CSE: DFLY; OTCQB: DFLYF; FSE: 3U8) is the creator of quality, cutting-edge and software and systems that revolutionize the way organizations can do business and service their stakeholders. Recognized as being at the forefront of technology for over 22 years, Draganfly is an award-winning, industry-leading manufacturer and technology developer serving the public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, security, and mapping and surveying markets. Draganfly is a company driven by passion, ingenuity, and the need to provide efficient solutions and first-class services to its customers around the world with the goal of saving time, money, and lives.

For more information on Draganfly, please visit us at
For additional investor information, visit or draganfly-inc.

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