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January 7th, 2020
HERE at CES: new products, new partners, new possibilities

Las Vegas, CES 2020 – This week at CES 2020, HERE Technologies is announcing a broad range of new products, partnerships and platform enhancements that extend the possibilities of location data and technology for developers, partners and customers around the world.

“We go into the new decade with a huge amount of excitement, opportunities and momentum,” said HERE Technologies CEO Edzard Overbeek. “At CES, we’re demonstrating the power of our platform to customers, partners and developers across industries. From addressing congestion to improving driver safety and supply chain efficiency, location data and technology from HERE are at the heart of solutions in the digital era.”

New products for automotive, transport & logistics, tech, media & telco industries

This week, HERE is announcing several new products and services, including HERE Navigation On-Demand, a SaaS-based solution that reinvents vehicle-centric navigation for the 2020s. Now ready for full OEM program deployment, HERE Navigation on-Demand is navigation as a service – providing an experience that is dynamic, fresh, and always upgradable with new features and services, while retaining all the benefits of being deeply embedded in the car.

Additionally, HERE is launching HERE Lanes, further expanding the toolkit for automotive, mobility and logistics companies seeking to make driving safer; HERE Last Mile, which helps on-demand service providers bring order to the chaos of urban routing; and HERE HD GNSS, a new cloud-based positioning solution that enables mass market devices to achieve sub-meter accuracy across the globe. Meanwhile, two new APIs – HERE Public Transit and HERE Intermodal – are now available for organizations incorporating commuter-friendly routing for multiple modes of transportation into their applications.

New partners

HERE is also announcing several new collaborations, including:

• A new partnership with a major U.S. telecom provider to co-innovate and build new connected services on their 5G network aimed at increasing pedestrian safety, indoor navigation assistance and location identification for ridesharing pick-up/drop-off and delivery services.
• A partnership with a major conglomerate, which will see HERE deploy location technology to address customer needs in transportation and logistics and other industries.

Expanded HERE Marketplace for unmatched access to location data

Launched a year ago, HERE Marketplace has grown to become a major hub for enterprises seeking to buy, sell, exchange and share location-centric data in a consistent, secure, and privacy-compliant fashion. This week, HERE announces the next evolution of the Marketplace, further expanding the possibilities for enterprises globally. These include the integration of a neutral server environment and the ability for Marketplace participants to more securely exchange data with consent management.

“The HERE Marketplace is breaking down the barriers that have inhibited the sharing of location-centric data,” said Sanjiv Ghate, VP and Head of Data Monetization and Marketplace at HERE Technologies. “It’s now easier than ever for businesses to hook into location data previously difficult to access both in and outside of their own industry. This is fueling cross-industry collaboration and opening up new avenues to tackle complex problems like traffic congestion and road safety.”

Neutral server for more security and privacy controls 

HERE this week announces that it is extending HERE Marketplace with neutral server capabilities. These enable automotive manufacturers to make car sensor data available to third party service providers in a manner that is safe, secure, non-discriminatory and in adherence with privacy regulations. A leading global automotive company already plans to take advantage and make a range of car sensor data available to third parties via the HERE Marketplace neutral server functionality.

As part of the neutral server, HERE has developed a dedicated consent management service. This takes into account requirements for personal data by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Based on blockchain technology, the service enables service providers to deliver a consent request for data to car owners and drivers who then can individually grant and revoke access at any time.

“Enterprises cannot afford to falter on data security and privacy,” said Jonathan Abon, VP Product Management, Platform at HERE Technologies. “At HERE, security and privacy are core tenets of our approach and we have designed our platform to meet customers’ robust requirements.”

New ways for enterprises to source location data

The HERE Marketplace is already home to dozens of partners using private data ecosystems for exchanging and pooling data on everything from live traffic, road conditions and car sensor signals to public transit and 3D city models. Now, data consumers can also browse public listings of location data offering standard pricing and terms, enabling them to subscribe to the data with just a few clicks, with no offline negotiation required. The subscription charges are added to the customer’s regular monthly invoice for platform usage. Data consumers can freely browse the public listings for the data they need, or have HERE facilitate data matchmaking, pools and co-ops on their behalf. Among the public listings of data are numerous location data sets from HERE as well as live safety-related data from BMW and MINI cars, that reveals slippery roads, poor visibility and other road hazards across Europe.

What’s on show

At its CES booth, HERE is demonstrating how customers can leverage the company’s latest location data and technology to address multiple use cases. These include:

Supply Chain 

  • Real Time Visibility: Know where shipments are and proactively address delays and exceptions.
  • Efficient Delivery: Optimize complex route planning for maximum efficiency, with accurate door-to-door directions for drivers.

Urban Mobility 

  • Seamless Mobility: Create disruptive mobility services that benefit drivers, riders, and cities.
  • Reduced Traffic: Improve urban traffic flow and transportation network usage.

Connected Driving 

  • On-Demand Navigation: Improve the driver experience with on-demand navigation upgrades.
  • Safer Driving: Take the next step towards autonomous driving with advanced safety features.
  • New In-Vehicle Experiences: Enhance the driver experience by making vehicles more self-aware.

Consumer Engagement 

  • Loyal Customers: Stay top of mind from awareness to purchase by connecting with customers, wherever they may be.