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July 5th, 2019
Weaver Consultants Group Moves to Delair UX11 UAV for Better Portability, Integration & Efficiency in Large Scale Aerial-Based Topographic Mapping

LOS ANGELES Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, along with one of its regional resellers, Seiler Instrument, today announced that Weaver Consultants Group has adopted the Delair UX11 high-performance UAV for its work in large-scale volumetric surveying and topographic mapping. The national firm provides a full range of engineering services and has a particular expertise in solid waste and landfill projects.

The firm’s initial use of the new Delair platform has been in developing digital twins of its clients’ sites – mainly large disposal and landfill operations – and performing regular volume calculations to assist in managing the land use at those sites. The Delair UAV gives the Weaver team a highly efficient way to cover large areas quickly, and provide the precision data, including detailed images as well as environmental information, needed to monitor their operations.

“For the large areas we need to cover, a fixed-wing drone make sense. We can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time – we can do three or four 45-minute flights per day and get reasonably high-resolution data, even flying at 234 feet. We can do 900 acres in a day and there’s no way we could do that with rotor style drones, much less by foot,” said Kurt Aper, Unmanned Aerial Team Lead at Weaver.

Aper noted that a project of more than 40 acres is roughly the threshold where the real benefits of a fixed-wing UAV such as the UX11 become clear. The Delair drone is becoming a critical tool for them as they help landfill developers and operators precisely estimate the volume of materials that are filling their sites, and develop expansion plans.


Portability and efficiency are important advantages for Weaver

Weaver, a long time Trimble/Gatewing drone user, moved to the newer model Delair UX11 after being impressed with many of the design and performance characteristics of the platform. Among the highlights that they identified are:

  • The highly portable design, which includes a backpack style carrying case, allowing the Weaver team to access locations not possible with trucks. The lightweight construction enhances the portability as well;
  • The modular design, including removable and replaceable wings, making for easier transport and storage, as well as faster repair and maintenance;
  • The Delair UX11 is easy to launch by hand (no launch mechanism required) and lands gently and accurately thanks to its use of a ground sensors and reverse thrust feature. This makes finding deployment locations easier, and also maintains the physical condition of the drone;
  • The compact radio used to communicate with the drone in flight is an advantage, requiring only a small, lightweight camera tripod for mounting, vs. a cumbersome surveying tripod;
  • The UX11 is quick to deploy with intuitive set-up commands in the control software that can be used on standard tablet device. Weaver also likes the ability to swap out batteries quickly and have the Delair Flight Deck software automatically resumes the flight where it had ended;
  • The long battery life gives them a minimum of 45 minutes of in-flight operation


  • The PPK (post processed kinematic) feature provides additional flexibility and precision in setting up the flight, reduces the need for extensive ground control point (GPCs), and enable in-field processing of data


“The UX11 is nice because it’s all integrated, like your smartphone. The camera, the GPS unit, the batteries are all integrated and work together. You don’t need separate components with separate batteries or cables to connect everything. There are much fewer points of failure in a system like this,” Aper said.

Seiler Instrument and Delair field support teams worked alongside Weaver’s surveying team to evaluate the Delair drone, and ensure it met the firm’s requirements, including integration with other important tools the firm uses such as AutoCAD, Trimble Business Center, and the Pix4D photogrammetry suite.

The Delair UX11 UAV, introduced commercially last year, is one of Delair’s top-of-the-line drones. The fixed-wing drone is an innovative hardware-software platform that provides highly accurate images for survey-grade mapping, with on-board processing capabilities and real-time, long-range control via 3G/4G cellular networks or radio links. The platform’s enhanced centimeter-level precision along with its efficient operational characteristics make it the most cost-effective solution for large area surveying and mapping.


About Delair

Delair is a leading provider of end-to-end, drone-based solutions that enable enterprises to digitize their physical assets and turn the collected data into valuable business insights. The company’s offerings combine high performance, long range fixed-wing UAV hardware with Delair Aerial Intelligence (, the industry’s most powerful platform to manage, analyze and share aerial data. Its solutions are sold in over 70 countries with a network of more than 100 resellers in industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities and transportation. Delair has strengthened its position as a global leader through strategic acquisitions (Gatewing, Airware/Redbird), and a strategic investment by Intel Corporation. Founded in 2011 by experts in the aerospace industry, the company employs 180 people and has offices in Toulouse, Paris, Los Angeles, Beijing and Singapore. For more information, go to

About Seiler Instrument

Seiler Instrument & Mfg. Company, Inc. was founded in 1945 and is a family owned business. Our Geospatial Division is one of the largest suppliers of brand name surveying & supply equipment in the Midwest.  We have nationally recognized service and repair facilities and offer certified training and support across the Midwest.  Seiler’s team members are all skilled professionals that believe in a hands-on approach to working with our customers and we support and service and stand behind all products we sell.  Our team members include Registered Land Surveyors, Certified GISP Professionals, Licensed Pilots, Certified Trainers as well as other surveying and mapping professionals and skilled support staff.  Learn more at:


About Weaver Consultants Group

From its inception in 1991, Weaver Consultants Group and its affiliates have been founded upon the tenets of attentive and responsive customer service, strong project management, and solid internal financial controls. The quality of our people, our focus on understanding and responding to our clients’ needs, and our application of good business management practices have resulted in most new projects originating from our existing customer base.

Over the years, our professionals have faced the challenges of a constantly changing industry. Shifting federal and state regulations, cultural trends, and technical innovations have vastly impacted the way businesses work. Throughout it all, our team has remained dedicated to our clients, helping to identify pragmatic solutions to help them achieve their business objectives. Visit our website for more information on Weaver Consultants Group,