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May 3rd, 2019
Sparrow Data Solutions Joins Esri Partner Ecosystem as a Silver business Partner

SAN DIEGO – Sparrow Data Solutions is pleased to announce they have joined the Esri Partner Program as a Silver Tier Partner – Recall, Esri is the world leader in location intelligence and mapping technologies. Esri Partners, excel in using ArcGIS and ArcGIS solutions to solve real-world problems and are experts at amplifying the Science of Where ™. As an Esri partner, Sparrow will leverage Esri technology to deliver solutions, content, and services to its customers.

Sparrow launched in 2018 in order to help non-profit organizations collect, process, and report their work to current and potential donors using specialized GIS tools. “We recognized the growing desire of many donors to not only see where their investments are being used but also, to visualize the outcomes of their work. “Unfortunately small NGO’s sometimes struggle to access the same funding that larger NGO’s receive in order to do the critical task of Monitoring and Evaluating their work to show Sustainability. To help out we decided to create a company that can provide them with the same tools as larger NGO’s without having to hire full-time specialists.” (Martha Rodgers, co-founder, Sparrow Data)

Sparrow’s experience and flexible approach allow them to build a plan that helps non-profits effectively collect field data, make informed decisions based on the real-time state of their projects, and tell the organization’s story to potential donors. Noteworthy benefits Sparrow brings to customers:

• Help organizations track, manage and analyze data about the work you are doing.
• Show your impact – Quantify how your work is changing people’s lives with simple tools to set yourself apart.
• Helping donors feel connected – Show your donors how their gifts are being invested in real-time while protecting the recipient and field team’s privacy without adding work to your team.
• Manage Work – At a glance, know the state of your projects, what needs to be scheduled, and watch your teams work in real-time.
• Compile and visualize statistics in real time that allow you to see trends and make informed decisions.
• Tell your story visually – Personalized and interactive storyboards (Story Maps) that walk people through what your organization is striving to accomplish and how successful you are.
• Help you build an Impact Statement that your donors will never forget

How Sparrow can leverage our ESRI partnership to meet your needs:

• Web mapping with ArcGIS Online
• Field data collection with Survey123
• Data management, analysis and processing with ArcGIS Pro
• Maps for your website with Story Maps
• More!

Sparrow has shared a partner Story using Esri’s Story Map Technology in order to describe the work being done by The Last Well Mission, an effort to provide access to safe drinking water for the entire nation of Liberia. This is just one story of how Sparrow has assisted an NGO partner to share their work using GIS and geospatial data to help bring awareness and to support an effort to bring clean water to millions. Note, organizations that use or are considering using Sawyer Water Filters to bring clean water to those in need, are encouraged to contact Sparrow to find out how you can leverage your purchase at Sawyer with a rebate for FREE GIS services from Sparrow!

About the Esri Partner Network

The Esri Partner Network is a worldwide community of companies that work together to amplify The Science of Where. Partners deliver solutions, content, and services using the Esri Geospatial Cloud, develop and deliver cutting-edge GIS solutions and services based on Esri technology. The global program is designed to reward partners for their commitment to Esri. Esri Silver Partners are a select group and must demonstrate a commitment to help further develop and support the ArcGIS® platform and the Esri user community at large. Explore the Esri Partner Network at

About Sparrow Data Solutions

Sparrow Data Solutions (Sparrow) launched in 2018 to help Non-profit organizations with their Monitoring and Evaluation Efforts (M&E) to prove sustainability. Sparrow recognizes the growing desire of many donors to not only see Where their investments are being used but also the Outcomes of the work being performed. They focus on showing transparency by helping to collect, process, and report the work done by NGO’s to current and potential donors using specialized GIS tools.

Sparrow was co-founded by Martha Rodgers and Kevin Lambeth.

Martha is a certified GISP with over 20 years of GIS experience working in the Commercial, Federal and NonProfit Industries. She worked at Esri for 5 years after graduating from the University at Buffalo and then moved south to attend San Diego State University for her MBA. She has experience as a software developer and has traveled around the world implementing GIS solutions.

Kevin has a dual bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NC State and has worked for over ten years designing systems and products for commercial and non-profit organizations. He is GIS certified and has a broad background of experience including designing explosive test sets, analyzing facility data to better manage remote facilities and the design and testing of water filters.