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March 14th, 2019
LaneAxis and DAV Network Partner with XYO to Eliminate Middlemen, Capture Rich Data for Transportation and Logistics Applications

SAN DIEGO – XYO (Kucoin: $XYO), the geospatial cryptonetwork, today announced partnerships with two leading organizations in the transportation and logistics space, DAV Network and LaneAxis. Each partnership will help drive the rapid growth and buildout of critical, rich data that informs the blockchain-based global transportation network.

As part of these two partnerships, XYO will make available the rich data being generated in the real world so it can be leveraged directly by each partner in groundbreaking ways, both online and offline. Learn more about each partnership below.

DAV Network

Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle Network is a cutting-edge partner to XYO. The DAV Foundation is a blockchain-based open source global transportation organization with a decentralized transportation network that enables a variety of transportation companies to leverage the data and network in multiple ways. The DAV Network works with autonomous vehicles, trucks, drones, cars, even rovers.

Noam Copel, CEO and Founder of DAV Network commented on the partnership: “In our drive toward enabling a decentralized, peer-to-peer, global transportation network, we like what XYO is doing to make location verification and other geospatial data more readily available for the entire transportation and logistics industry. We expect our work with XYO on location and other heuristics to help move the industry forward and remove intermediaries. We see clear applications of direct links to the data ranging from autonomous drone delivery systems, ride hailing, city transportation, autonomous carriers and much more.”


LaneAxis is building the first of its kind Global Transportation Network powered by a blockchain-based data hub that will fundamentally transform the way shippers–or anyone who needs to move products–interact with truck drivers. The benefits for both sides cannot be overstated. The data hub is a groundbreaking business tool that produces unprecedented efficiencies and revenue opportunities by capturing real-time driver performance and location data metrics. Crucially, the LaneAxis data hub will generate an industry-first Professional Driver Score (PDS) – equivalent to a consumer credit score – reflecting a driver’s reliability and performance history. This will allow shippers to select their trucking partners with full confidence and transparency. Consequently, high performing drivers within the network will also realize a multitude of new revenue opportunities. This dynamic global network will virtually eliminate the need for expensive and inefficient third-party freight brokers.

LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett spoke on the LaneAxis / XYO partnership: “Today, a unified global transportation network simply does not exist, and space on millions of vehicles goes underutilized every day. LaneAxis is building the industry first Global Transportation Data Hub and our partnership with XYO to build the industry first Professional Driver Network and location-based data is a critical part of the solution. Our work with XYO will help manufacturers and shippers to know when drivers nearby have capacity and availability, ultimately improving the situation for all involved in a concrete way that adds clear business value.”

XYO Co-Founder and CEO Arie Trouw commented on the two partnerships: “We’re very excited to partner with these two companies, each of which will add measurable business value to the transportation and logistics industry with their respective solution. We respect the work both companies are doing to build out a unified and efficient global transportation network. Whether we’re talking about better capacity planning through location-based data, or drawing on heuristic data to inform and direct autonomous vehicle traffic. This is an exciting space and we look forward to seeing the fruit of our work with both partners shortly.”

For more information, visit XYO, DAV Network and LaneAxis.

About XYO

Since 2012, we’ve developed trusted IoT technology that connects the digital world with the physical one. In 2018, we unveiled the XYO Network, the world’s first geospatial blockchain network backed by cryptography. With more than 1 million location-verifying beacons around the planet, our technology rivals the GPS network, and radically transforms the world’s leading industries. Partners include mapping giant Esri, FedEx Research Institute, Re/Max Mexico and Spaceflight Industries. XYO Advisors come from leading organizations including National Geographic and the World Economic Forum. For more information, visit us at and