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November 13th, 2018
Donan Partners With Matterport For 3D Scans On Fire Losses

LOUISVILLE, Ky.– Donan, an industry-leading, full-service forensic investigation firm, and Matterport, the leading immersive 3D media technology company, today announced that they have partnered together to bring Matterport’s all-in-one reality capture system to fire investigations. Every fire investigator across Donan’s national footprint is now equipped with a Matterport camera, and every Donan fire client can experience the benefits of interactive 3D models when adjusting fire losses.

“We’re enhancing our current fire investigation services with the implementation of Matterport cameras and interactive 3D models of fire losses,” said Duane Battcher, Chief Operations Officer at Donan. “Part of our strategic mission is to test technology and look for new tools that will enhance our work and bring more value to Donan’s clients. The Matterport technology achieves those goals.”

Matterport’s end-to-end platform provides users with a quick and easy-to-use system for capturing, documenting, visualizing, and collaborating around real-world environments. Together with the Matterport Cloud, the automated system creates immersive virtual 3D models, accurate measurements, high-resolution 4K 2D photography, floor plans, and other key assets to enable complete documentation of a property at any point in time. This makes Matterport particularly useful for fire investigators, who can now avoid scene spoilage and memorialize all the evidence they need while allowing the restoration process to begin faster so that homeowners can get their lives together more quickly.

“Matterport provides a revolutionary means to quickly document a damaged property and its contents in 3D and then virtually visit that site remotely as it was at the time it was scanned,” said Matterport SVP Bill Schmitt. “We’re excited Donan has embraced the Matterport platform to enhance its offerings, drive substantial process and cost efficiencies and create greater transparency into root cause and origin of property fires for their clients.”

Donan is using Matterport scans as part of their documentation process for all structural fire losses; the tool also has applications for soot and smoke claims and is a powerful tool for litigation as it can bring the jury into the fire loss. The benefits to insurance carriers for adjusting fire losses range from easily writing estimates to quick claim settlement. Donan’s improved investigation capabilities mean operating faster than ever before, with less interruption to restoration work, and collecting best-in-class forensic photography in case the claim goes to court. Donan will also leverage the interactive 3D scans across their forensic engineering business upon client request.

To learn more about Donan’s implementation of Matterport scans into their fire investigation service, visit

Donan is a full-service, world class forensic investigation firm with offices throughout the United States. Their services include forensic engineering, fire investigation, component testing, UAV services and litigation support. Since 1947 Donan has provided first-rate expertise, conclusive answers, and superior insights through innovation. Their mission is to provide conclusive, unbiased and accurate forensic investigation services with the fastest turnaround time and best customer service in the industry. Visit them online at

About Matterport
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Matterport is creating True3D™ models of the physical world with its innovative, end-to-end platform for capturing and modifying digital copies of real-world places on web and mobile devices. The company uses its proprietary machine vision technologies and deep learning algorithms to enhance the 3D experience. Matterport’s own Cameras and Cloud Services make it quick and easy to turn real-world places into immersive virtual experiences. Matterport customers have produced over one million 3D spaces across 90 countries; these spaces have been visited more than 500 million times online. More information about Matterport is available at
Twitter: @matterport