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  • Oct 11, 2018
  • Comments Off on AMIS Bestows Recognition to GeoDecisions for Modernization of TC-AIMS II
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October 11th, 2018
AMIS Bestows Recognition to GeoDecisions for Modernization of TC-AIMS II

(Harrisburg, Pa.) Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (AMIS), a division of The Department of the Army, bestowed a Certificate of Appreciation to GeoDecisions®, Gannett Fleming’s geospatial technology division. The certificate recognizes GeoDecisions for its outstanding technical expertise and dedication in the modernization of the Transportation Coordinators’ – Automated Information for Movements System II (TC-AIMS II) Convoy Planning Highway Regulation (CPHR-M) module.


The recognition also honors the GeoDecisions team – comprised of Bret Huber, Andrew Miller, Jay Ross, Debra Houser, Steven Kraabel, and Jeff Carter, a subconsultant with Aegis Strategies, LLC – for its technical knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to recognize, understand and address issues quickly to allow CPHR-M to stay on schedule. The team’s efforts resulted in more than a dozen changes to the baseline to provide better performance and additional capabilities that were not identified prior to the start of the project.


“It’s almost unheard of to receive an award like this from a government program, so we feel especially humbled by this honor,” said Brendan Wesdock, MCP, GISP, president of GeoDecisions. “We’ve built an exceptional team of geospatial professionals who continuously push the boundaries of geospatial technology to deliver the most effective and valuable solutions to our clients.”


TC-AIMS II CPHR-M is an advanced software solution used to plan the Army’s convoy movement around

the globe. GeoDecisions integrated the Transportation Geospatial Information System (TGIS) map and routing tool through the TGIS application programming interface to embed the map within the TC-AIMS system. The TGIS integration with TC-AIMS provides enhanced, real-time mapping functions, faster processing speeds, and a more user-friendly experience.


AMIS is the primary source of providing automated movement and identification solutions across the DOD and around the globe. AMIS is the essential supplier for Transportation Coordinators’ – Automated Information for Movements System II (TC-AIMS II) with approximately 5,000 active users.


GeoDecisions® is an international consulting firm specializing in geospatial information systems, cloud technology, and analytics for commercial, municipal, state, and federal government organizations. We offer a suite of software as a service and custom-designed solutions that equip decision makers with the data, intelligence, and visual information critical to planning, logistics, public safety and emergency response, security, asset management, incident management, resource management, and mass notification. We improve existing infrastructure and implement new systems that integrate vast collections of location-based data assets to help clients streamline processes, boost productivity, and push the boundaries of data-based insights. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified, which assures clients that we meet the most rigorous and independently audited quality standards. Visit  for more information.