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  • Jun 15, 2018
  • Comments Off on Valor Drones – An American Company Poised to Transform the Consumer Drone Market with a Patriotic Purpose
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June 15th, 2018
Valor Drones – An American Company Poised to Transform the Consumer Drone Market with a Patriotic Purpose

Nashville, TN – Drones have become one of the hottest electronics in 2018. They can be used for varying purposes, from casual drones for recreational use to high-tech drones for military missions. Valor Drones was established with a vision for transforming the consumer drones industry. The American company is poised to make high-quality drones available to every individual at affordable prices. The company boasts a range of signature drones as well as a 30-Day Repair Guarantee and free World-Wide shipping during their ongoing sale.

The impetus to start Valor Drones came from the glaring lack of U.S. companies involved in drones. A co-founder of the company explained: “When we noticed that giant Chinese companies were the only ones selling drones, and had essentially cornered the market and were able to charge whatever they wanted, we knew we had to start an American drone company. We knew that an American company could compete just as hard against the foreign drone manufacturers, and without cutting corners or moving jobs out of the United States.” What Valor is referring to is the near-monopoly that Chinese companies have been able to achieve of the drone market. Critics often refer to the products offered by the Chinese drone companies, with price tags in excess of $1,000, as price gouging and extortion of U.S. consumers.

Unlike its competitors, Valor Drones offers its drones at a much more affordable price. According to the co-founder, “Valor Drones is willing to sacrifice our bottom line in the short-term in order to reach as many customers as possible to demonstrate the quality of our products and the superiority of our customer service.” As a result, its drones are often 50% to 75% less expensive than competing suppliers.

Describing what differentiates Valor Drones from the rest of the market, the company’s spokesperson issued the following statement: “Valor Drones holds a strong commitment to our armed forces and donates a portion of all sales to veterans in need. We offer drones at a fraction of the price of our competitors and hire US employees. We differentiate ourselves with more competitive pricing, higher quality of customer service, dedication to innovation, donations to US veterans, and a commitment to hiring US labor.” Part of Valor Drones’ commitment includes donating a portion of all sales to veterans in need.

Valor Drones, having experienced explosive growth since its founding, struggled early on to fill the overwhelming number of orders. Drones were often out of stock and demand far exceeded the startup’s inventory and manufacturing capability. Since then, Valor Drones has grown enormously, and now operates a robust manufacturing and distribution channel that is able to get drones in the hands of customers quickly. In addition, Valor Drones has ranked the highest among drone suppliers for its customer service, far exceeding its competitors who often struggle to service customers due to language barriers, returns and repairs processes that require shipment to China, as well as other limitations.

Valor Drones offers a wide variety of products including its signature Skyhawk, White Eagle, and Prowler S8. Other popular offerings include the Polar Desire, Dragonfly, Spectre Invader GPS, and several more, all for under $500. With its commitment to continued innovation, Valor has also recently rolled out two new products, the Jungle Diver and the XM – which offers 4K video capability – both of which have received the highest praise and reviews from critics and customers alike.

For inquiries and purchase, Valor Drones is located at 1620 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN and can be reached via phone at +1 (615) 746 7159. Online inquiries can be directed to the company’s email address at [email protected] or via the company’s official website at

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