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  • Sep 19, 2017
  • Comments Off on EagleView Captures Post-Event Aerial Imagery of 2 Million Properties Following Hurricane Irma
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September 19th, 2017
EagleView Captures Post-Event Aerial Imagery of 2 Million Properties Following Hurricane Irma

Bothell, WA (September 19, 2017) —Eagle View Technologies (“EagleView®”), the leading provider of aerial imagery and property data analytics for government agencies, insurance carriers and other private-sector organizations, has captured post event aerial imagery of two million properties in the state of Florida following Hurricane Irma.

With an image library dating back to 2002 in the state of Florida, EagleView is able to provide emergency services, public safety agencies, property assessors and county GIS departments with ample imagery from before and after Hurricane Irma occurred.  Combining high-resolution imagery and advanced machine learning capabilities, EagleView can identify the severity of property damage following a hurricane or other extreme weather event.

“Hurricane Irma inflicted severe damage on properties all over Florida and affected millions of people throughout the state,” said EagleView President Rishi Daga. “With a view of more than two million properties in Florida, we are assisting the agencies that use our imagery with their efforts, so they can continue to help all of those who have been affected.”

These two million properties have been photographed via specialized camera rigs in fixed-wing aircraft. The images are taken from an orthogonal (top-down) perspective as well as at oblique angles from all four cardinal directions. Oblique aerial imagery enables insurance claims adjusters to view all sides of a home’s exterior and gives emergency response crews greater insight into the storm’s effects in their communities.

“Our goal was to begin capturing and processing imagery as soon as possible to assist in recovery efforts, and we have done so at record speed,” said Jay Martin, Senior Vice President of Operations at EagleView. “Our next phase is to put boots on the ground and complete property inspections up close using drones as part of our EagleView OnSite solution.”

Post-hurricane image capture and processing will continue to take place throughout the upcoming weeks. EagleView is completing the phase of image capture via fixed-wing aircraft and will soon move in to completing property inspections with the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drones, bringing post-event data directly to insurance claims adjusters. As of September 18, thousands of drone inspections have been scheduled through Friday, September 22.

For more information on EagleView’s post-Hurricane Irma aerial imagery and upcoming property inspections via drone, please contact Melissa Mazurek at (585) 444-2504 or [email protected].

About EagleView

EagleView® is the unparalleled provider of aerial imagery, data analytics, property data, and GIS solutions for government, infrastructure and commercial sectors. The patented Pictometry® imagery solutions answer questions related to millions of residential and commercial properties, saving individuals time and money while also reducing exposure to risk. EagleView provides access to its orthogonal and oblique aerial imagery, 3D models, interior mapping solution, and measurement and analytical tools through proprietary software as well as integrations for assessment, GIS, public safety and other industries. For more information, contact (866) 659-8439 or visit