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April 4th, 2017
Phase One Industrial and ATI Set to Revolutionize Aerial Inspection of Critical Infrastructure

COPENHAGEN, Denmark– Phase One Industrial and Aerial Technology International (ATI) have developed a powerful professional aerial inspection tool that could help revolutionize the way commercial and industrial structural visual inspections are done. An integrated ATI drone and high-resolution Phase One camera solution enables unprecedented visual accuracy while reducing costs and improving human safety.

The companies’ collaboration began with a project to inspect wind turbines. The ATI Thor X4 octocopter, and Phase One Industrial’s iXU 150, the world’s smallest high-resolution industrial-quality medium format camera, performed a data acquisition experiment that was the first of its kind. And the results were extraordinary: wind turbines were imaged to an unparalleled millimetre per pixel accuracy — allowing operators to inspect individual blade surfaces in exquisite detail, identifying the subtlest cracks or imperfections.

Since then, the Thor X4 has demonstrated that UAV inspection for wind turbine inspections can be safer, cheaper and faster than sending climbers up to inspect blades or removing the blade for inspection on the ground. And today, the companies are building on their combined expertise to offer an integrated solution designed to customer specifications.

“This solution will be attractive to businesses involved in building and maintaining large scale infrastructures, such as cell towers, bridges, and buildings,” said Stephen Burtt, CEO, ATI. “It is designed save costs through a more efficient inspection process, enabling timely repairs.”

“Previously, drone inspection capabilities have been limited by not having enough precise pixel level detail, while still maintaining continuous high rate imagery collection and all in a highly robust and reliable hardware,” said Dana Brown, North American Sales Manager, Phase One Industrial. “We are in the midst of an industry paradigm shift, one that will provide more accurate assessments of a range of structures, reducing the cost in man-hours of dangerous hands-on inspection.”

More about the Thor X4 solution
Built out of carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum, Thor X4 offers a very high power to weight ratio, so that it can fly safely in high wind — those areas in which wind farms are located. Its coaxial motor setup provides high redundancy and power on a frame size optimized for both travel and for flights in heavy winds.  It is integrated with the Phase One iXU 150 camera system, whose aerial imagery provides the accurate millimeter per pixel detail needed for wind turbine inspection.

Pricing and Availability
The Phase One / ATI solution is available now directly from ATI. Solutions also can be customized for specific applications, so please contact ATI for details to match your requirements. To learn more, please visit:

About Aerial Technology International
ATI is pioneering the future of aerial technology. Founded in Portland Oregon in 2012 it is a one-stop shop for UAS operators seeking expertise and resources to be successful. The technical complexities and logistics of safely operating UASs demand a high level of support and reliability from manufacturers, as well as highly skilled operators. Our love for aerospace, photography, filmmaking, and clean technology keeps us inspired, striving to reach new heights and contribute constant advancements to this growing industry.  ATI is a licensed distributor for 3DR, Aeronavics, and other technologies. For more information, please contact: [email protected]

About Phase One Industrial
Phase One Industrial is a division of Phase One A/S and is dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of specialized industrial camera systems and equipment. Phase One Industrial camera systems are built specifically for applications such as aerial photography, homeland security and inspection. The company provides advanced hardware and imaging software solutions that meet the unique requirements of their users.

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