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February 22nd, 2017
Siteimprove Takes IP Geolocation Accuracy to the Next Level With Digital Element’s Location-Based Technology

LONDON- Digital Element, the leading provider of IP geolocation technology, today announced that Siteimprove, an industry leader in web governance solutions and website optimisation, has deployed its NetAcuity Edge™ hyperlocal IP geolocation technology to enrich its analytics and audience segmentation capability.

Siteimprove offers Software as a Service (SaaS) to help more than 5,000 global customers create a better experience for their website visitors, by providing tools to make website management, maintenance, and optimisation easier and more affordable. The company’s products remove the manual task of finding website errors while helping teams create a strong content strategy through insightful analytics data.

By incorporating Digital Element’s highly accurate IP geolocation technology into its analytics platform, Siteimprove has dramatically improved its ability to accurately track users’ locations for its clients’ websites, all in a privacy sensitive manner. This enables their clients to make more informed decisions for website optimisation and better segment visitors. The deployment of NetAcuity Edge™ produced some incredible results in a short period of time; for example, the number of unknown visitor locations to its customers’ sites has dramatically reduced from 25% to less than 1%.

“Geolocation data is an important part of our business and the data we were receiving from our previous provider was outdated and inaccurate. Digital Element is known for its high level of precision, that can’t be surpassed, and we’ve already seen hugely impressive results,” explained Ivan Bager, Director of Innovation, Siteimprove. “We are looking forward to utilising Digital Element’s data in more ways to further improve the quality of the service we provide our clients.”

Digital Element is the global leader and industry pioneer in IP geolocation technology. Its intelligence solution provides the most detailed, hyperlocal dataset available worldwide today that complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy.

Kate Owen, Digital Element’s Vice President, Northern Europe, commented: “We are very excited to work with Siteimprove – now and in the future – to provide the most accurate IP intelligence available. It’s fantastic that Siteimprove has already experienced such a step change in performance for its customers by utilising our data. It’s always very gratifying to see, in real-life examples such as these, that investing in best-quality data really does pay off: the results often provide dramatic improvements in accuracy, service quality, depth of insight, and better customer value.”

Siteimprove joins some of Digital Element’s other high-profile analytics, data management and advertising platform clients including Ströer Group, Microsoft, Qubit Digital, Adform, Webtrends, Crimtan, Weborama, Vibrant Media, Admedo, Wiredminds, Eyeota, Infectious Media, MediaMath, Cxense, Lotame, Krux, AOL’s ADTECH and Visual DNA.

About Digital Element

Since 1999, Digital Element has been providing global geolocation solutions that bring anytime, anywhere relevance and context to online initiatives ― from desktops to mobile devices. The company’s patented technology has been certified and accredited to deliver real-time access to accurate and reliable location intelligence without invading Internet users’ privacy. For more than a decade, many of the world’s largest websites, brands, ad networks, social media platforms and mobile publishers have trusted Digital Element’s technology to target advertising, localise content, enhance analytics, and manage content rights as well as detect and prevent fraud. Visit for more information on how to bring the power of location to the online world. Headquartered in Atlanta and London, Digital Element is a division of Digital Envoy Inc.

About Siteimprove

Since 2003, Siteimprove has provided industry leading Web Governance tools to thousands of organisations worldwide. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Siteimprove has a strong presence in dozens of countries across North America, Europe, and the Pacific. Siteimprove’s Web Governance Suite is offered via Software as a Service (SaaS), providing tools that are scalable and used by both small start-up companies and large Fortune 500 companies to manage and maintain their large websites through web quality assurance, web accessibility, web analytics, SEO analysis and web performance alerts.