SLANTRANGE, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation, drone-based remote sensing and analytics systems for agriculture, announced today a new integration solution, available immediately, to utilize SLANTRANGE data products within the DroneDeploy drone software platform. Utilizing DroneDeploy’s new “GeoTIFF Upload” feature, complete SLANTRANGE maps, which are processed at the point of collection, can now be directly uploaded to a user’s DroneDeploy account for viewing, annotating, sharing, archiving, and synchronizing across multiple devices.

“SLANTRANGE strives to deliver the most accurate, timely, and relevant crop information products to agriculture. The DroneDeploy platform adds new levels of efficiency and accessibility to that offering, so agricultural drone operators can be more effective in providing long-term value to growers and agronomists across the globe,” said Michael Ritter, CEO of SLANTRANGE.

DroneDeploy provides a suite of mobile and desktop tools that allow drone operators to plan and execute their automated flights, upload the imagery collected from the drone’s camera to cloud-based servers to be processed into large area maps, and to analyze the 2D maps and 3D models. The new feature, named “GeoTIFF Upload”, allows users to upload completed maps that have been generated using other software tools. All SLANTRANGE data products, including maps of plant population, weed locations, stress conditions, crop canopy closure, yield prediction, and user-created custom filters are fully compatible with this new upload feature.

SLANTRANGE provides a unique solution for drone operators in the agricultural space in that all of the image processing and data analytics are completed in minutes after a flight and with no dependence on a network connection, which is often weak or unavailable for much of the world’s agricultural land. However, when a connection to the internet is available, DroneDeploy’s cloud-based solutions offer very powerful capabilities such as offloading heavy computing tasks as well as data storage, sharing, and synchronization. Drone operators will now be able to leverage the unique capabilities of both platforms and will have seamless access to SLANTRANGE’s fully calibrated data products, which incorporate methods from SLANTRANGE’s recently awarded patent covering critical technology to ensure the accuracy of information derived from drone-based sensors.

“At DroneDeploy, we’re committed to an open platform that allows our customers to take advantage of the right tools for their business needs,” said Michael Winn, CEO of DroneDeploy. “We’re excited to offer agricultural drone operators easy access and sharing of SLANTRANGE data within DroneDeploy.”

SLANTRANGE (Booth 609) and DroneDeploy (Booth 425) will be demonstrating this new capability at the Commercial UAV Expo, taking place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 31 to November 2.

SLANTRANGE is an agricultural intelligence company that develops and markets sensors and analytics systems designed specifically for the needs of farmers. By quickly providing insights from the field, SLANTRANGE gives farmers more control over agricultural land, helping to reduce operational costs and improve decision making. To learn more, please visit

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