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May 16th, 2016
ChinaRS Upgrades to A3 Edge

Tel Aviv, Israel – May 16, 2016. ChinaRS, a leading Chinese geospatial services company, has upgraded its two VisionMap A3 airborne mapping cameras to A3 Edge, the newest and most advanced camera in VisionMap’s A3 series.

VisionMap’s A3 Edge captures vast area at record speed, collecting up to 1,000 km2 of high resolution imagery per hour. The camera utilizes a unique “sweep” mechanism that provides a 106° FOV and 78,000 x 9,600 pixel footprint – enabling wider flight line spacing, rapid coverage and simultaneous collection of vertical and oblique imagery.

The camera’s dual 300 mm focal length telescopes, high resolution sensors and 7.4 µ pixel size provide extremely high resolution per altitude, collecting, for example, 10 cm GSD imagery at 11,000 ft.

ChinaRS GM International Business Department Dr. Zhifeng Guo stated, “We have been flying the A3 camera for several years to cost-effectively provide our customers with quality geospatial products. We upgraded to A3 Edge in order to further extend the benefits of the A3 system, and are already seeing the results – about 30% higher productivity, excellent image quality, and enhanced performance in oblique image acquisition.”

Coupled with the LightSpeed automatic processing system, A3 Edge provides ChinaRS with final photogrammetric products at sub-pixel accuracy, up to five times faster than other commercial systems.

“Projects well over 10,000 km2 in size are common, and local weather conditions are not flight-friendly. In China, you can start mapping with any camera, but you’ll finish the project quickly and with high quality only with A3,” said Guo. “Our new A3 Edge cameras enable us to offer our customers the best quality products, even more competitively than before. We have a lot of work planned for them.”

About ChinaRS Geoinformatics

ChinaRS, jointly established by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academic of Sciences (CAS) and Tianjin Municipal Government, is the technology transferring and industrializing base of RADI, and a model high-tech enterprise of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology. ChinaRS provides national-wide marketing and distribution services of advanced equipment and software systems for remote sensing data accusation, processing, analysis and applications.

About VisionMap

VisionMap is a leading provider of state-of-the-art digital airborne imaging systems. Its innovative data acquisition and automatic processing systems optimize mapping work, setting a new standard for productivity. The systems support extremely large-scale projects thanks to their fast turnaround time.

VisionMap’s processing systems automatically produce accurate aerial triangulation, DSM and orthophoto mosaic, as well as stereo models and geo-referenced vertical and oblique images. VisionMap systems are successfully deployed around the world.