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July 3rd, 2024
SPH Engineering Releases Drone Show Market Analysis

The study reveals a growing global drone show market, with a total value reaching $338.99 million and significant regional growth across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the MENA regions.

SPH Engineering, the leader in drone show technology development, has released the “Drone Show Market Analysis” in collaboration with Duamentes Global Alliance. The study focuses on industry trends, market evaluation, and specifics in the eight most active regions, employed a 3-level methodology including desk research, in-depth expert interviews, and Herfindahl-Hirschman Index*, revealing the dynamic growth and expansion of the drone show market.

The study revealed that the drone show industry is becoming more attractive to new businesses due to easier market entry. Other trends include the close integration of drones with popular technologies such as fireworks and an increasing number of drones per show with innovative software development.

The report reveals several key insights:

  • Regional Market Distribution and Growth: North America leads the market, accounting for 34% of all shows, followed by Europe at 16%, and the Asia Pacific region, including China, contributing 12% and 7%, respectively.
  • Market Size and Costs: In 2023, the total value of drone shows held worldwide was approximately $338.99 million with China $79,351,750, India $17,328,000 and UK $29,604,250 market size. North American market is classified as a low-concentration market, with an HHI of 935. In contrast, Indian market exhibits characteristics with the highest HHI of 9862.
  • Average Drone Show: In China, an average drone show is the most expensive ($114 564) and the most extensive in terms of the average number of used drones (660). India is leading with a maximum of 3500 drones per 1 show. In contrast, Europe ($ 42,034) ranks as the second cheapest drone shows among eight major regions after Latam ($25,550).
  • Customer Segments: City governments are the largest customer segment, accounting for 18% of all drone shows, with leading Asia Pacific (41%), followed by commercial companies at 15%, and the sports sector and festival operators, each at 9%. Europe stands out for the number of shows tailored for Art Festivals (13%), North America (12%), and India (13%) for sports events, while in Latam and UK, the commercial sector takes the lead with 20% and 19%, respectively.
  • Vendor Market Insights: About 90,000 drones are active globally, with 28% of them powered by Drone Show Software, the leading software in the industry from SPH Engineering.

“The growth of the drone show industry is a testament to its increasing popularity and the innovative potential it offers,” said Alex Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show Technologies at SPH Engineering. “SPH Engineering’s dominant position in the market is affirmed, being the leading vendor in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Our Drone Show Software powers 28% of the approximately 90 thousand drones in the market, reinforcing SPH Engineering’s leadership and innovative contributions to the drone show industry.”

Additionally, the report explores the integration of drone shows with fireworks, revealing that 6% of drone shows were integrated with fireworks. This trend towards integrated services is expected to grow, indicating a broader range of applications within the drone show industry.

In conclusion, the future directions for the Drone Show Services and Solution Market initiative include exploring the integration of drone shows with other forms of entertainment and expanding the scope of research to capture a wider range of applications and technological advancements in the industry.