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October 30th, 2023
SafetyStratus Launches Map View, Helping Safety Professionals Locate Assets and Enhance Investigations

SafetyStratus’ latest development includes a new interactive map feature, making it easier for users to visualize essential safety information.

PLANO, Texas – SafetyStratus, an enterprise EHS software platform company that works with partners across a variety of industries to optimize Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) programs, recently launched a new feature for viewing assets on a map within the web portal and native mobile applications. This functionality enhances the performance of SafetyStratus’ existing inspections and observations and asset management modules by allowing user communities to pinpoint the locations of assets, search for different types of assets within the system, and conduct inspections on these assets at the click of a button.

With the launch of Asset Map View, SafetyStratus users can visualize asset profiles using existing location information, key safety asset data, and details such as inspection due dates and statuses. The Map View will expedite communications between people and departments by providing simple, visual keys that can be used to share the “big picture view” of asset management at an organization and bring attention to assets that may negatively impact safety if not addressed.

Adding to SafetyStratus’ intuitive interface, the Map View functionality makes it even easier for users to locate safety assets (e.g., AEDs, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fume hoods, eye wash stations, etc.) and view them alongside a database of essential information (e.g., asset name, department name, room name, model number, expiration date, etc.). Commenting on how this upgrade came about, SafetyStratus’ Director of Product, Greg Kwolek, stated, “We aim to make safety more accessible. This feature empowers collaboration within teams and across organizations, visually connecting people to vital information.”

As an important visual aid, the Asset Map View helps user communities with the following functionality:

  1. Shows assets within specified boundaries (facility, campus, etc.).
  2. Displays the locations of a default asset type in a map view with pin indicators.
  3. Allows users to pinpoint their current location on a map and view nearby assets.
  4. Will direct users from their current location to that designated item’s location.
  5. Offers a panel view for tablets, where users can see a list of all the available types of assets to choose from, side-by-side with the map.
  6. Gives mobile users the ability to toggle between the map view and the asset view to read more details (whether it has a pending inspection, the last inspection date, the due date for the next inspection, etc.) about the selected asset types.
  7. Has search functionality, allowing users to quickly move through the data or sort out all the assets that have pending inspections.
  8. Enables users to start an inspection at the click of a button if a pending inspection has been initiated for that asset. 
    These capabilities make it easier for user communities to discern if there is a concentration of available asset types, pending inspections, gaps in inspections, and the history of that asset. This solution adds speed and simplicity to the processes of starting inspections and delivering that data to the people who need it.

About SafetyStratus

Empowering digital transformation in EHS programs with the power of leading-edge technology backed by a team of safety professionals, SafetyStratus has been trusted to advance critical safety priorities across organizations within AcademiaHealthcareConstructionManufacturing, Research & Development, and more. We support innovation in saving lives and the environment by successfully integrating knowledgeable people and sustainable processes with our multi-level, cloud-based platform. Incorporating a driving focus on our clients, we build and teach configurable solutions to evolving problems—moving institutions into the future.
With headquarters located in Plano, Texas, our company has an employee base of industry experts and innovators, spanning the globe.

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