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September 26th, 2023
Mappedin Empowers Communities to Map Every Building With Game-Changing App

Introducing Mappedin Maker: A Free User-friendly Indoor Mapping Application

WATERLOO,ON – Mappedin, the forefront global authority in indoor mapping, proudly announces the debut of Mappedin Maker, a free application within Mappedin’s indoor mapping platform. Easy enough for anyone to master, Mappedin Maker redefines the creation of indoor maps, provides indoor navigation, and bolsters public safety. From those with no mapping background to CAD experts, Mappedin Maker allows users to map commercial and community venues directly from or the Maker App for iOS.

Prior to Mappedin Maker, the company’s acclaimed indoor mapping platform was accessible only to enterprise companies with professional expertise. In a strategic shift, Mappedin has democratized this technology to be available to anyone. With the introduction of this free application, Mappedin Maker extends to everyone, enabling the creation of accurate, interactive maps that reshape the way individuals navigate and engage with indoor environments.

“At Mappedin, we believe there should be ‘one map everywhere’. It’s our mission to make it easy for anyone to create useful indoor maps,” says Hongwei Liu, CEO at Mappedin. “We have invested in creating AI-powered mapping tools to completely automate the mapping process and on top of that, we’re offering this new capability for free to empower communities to map their buildings.”

Mappedin Maker is the first tool that allows someone to create a georeferenced vector map of a building in a matter of minutes. Simply take a photo of an existing paper floorplan or walk around a building with the Maker App for iOS and the tool guides you through the rest. Mappedin’s AI automatically places doors, windows and walls.

Mappedin Maker Features:

  • Simple Self-Sign-up: With a few steps, users can sign up and get started creating their map for free.
  • User-Friendly Map Creation and Editing: With Maker, users can create their map and keep that map up to date with AI-powered tools.
  • Interactive Wayfinding Maps: Once a map is created in Maker, users will have access to a 3D wayfinding map that can be easily embedded onto a website.
  • Multi-Format Exports: Along with your wayfinding map, users can download a safety version of their map and send to local emergency response units.

Mappedin’s AI powered mapping tools were originally developed through partnership with the Department of Homeland Security where the goal was to automate as much of the indoor mapping process as possible. Between this project and the continued support of Mappedin’s dedicated customers who use its enterprise-grade products, Mappedin is able to offer Maker free of charge to benefit communities at large. For users needing greater support, Mappedin will continue to expand its enterprise offering.

Mappedin recognizes the need for user-friendly and accessible indoor mapping tools, especially for schools, first responders, and communities. The launch of Mappedin Maker addresses this gap, enabling anyone to create accurate and useful indoor maps. As Mappedin Maker reshapes indoor mapping, it aligns with Mappedin’s core principles of user-friendly tools, creating “one map everywhere,” and promoting safe and secure spaces.

Mappedin Maker is accessible on desktop devices by going to Users can get started by uploading existing floor plans; if floor plans don’t exist, they can create indoor maps from scratch with the Maker App for iOS on iPhone 12 or later and iPad Pro. For more information about the Mappedin Maker Application, visit and to sign-up for Mappedin Maker, visit

About Mappedin:

Mappedin, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, is a global leader in indoor mapping and spatial data management. Their innovative solutions power billions of square feet of indoor space and millions of people visiting malls, stadiums, offices, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, warehouses, colleges and universities to name a few. Mappedin’s cutting-edge technology optimizes indoor spaces, enhances user experiences, and strengthens public safety through advanced digital mapping. Guided by the ethos “One Map Everywhere,” Mappedin envisions indoor maps as commonplace as their outdoor counterparts. They are committed to creating accessible and user-friendly products, leveraging their extensive experience and Machine Learning for automated paper-to-digital floor plan conversion. Their new product, Mappedin Maker, offered for free, underscores their dedication to enabling communities to effortlessly map their indoor spaces.

Mappedin’s AutoMap technology was originally sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under contract #70RSAT20CB0000014 and is now available to anyone through the Maker product.