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April 14th, 2023
Cepton Unveils Ultra-Slim Vista®-X90 Plus Lidar, Expanding Industry Leadership for Windshield Integration

World’s smallest adaptive long-range lidar builds on Cepton’s experience in industrializing lidar for automotive series production to offer high performance, power efficiency and software definability in an extremely compact package

Ultra-small form factor frees up over 58% space needed for windshield integration, designed for major global automotive OEMs to enable safe deployment of next-generation ADAS


SAN JOSE, Calif.- Cepton, Inc. (“Cepton” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: CPTN), a Silicon Valley innovator of high-performance lidar solutions, announced today the unveiling of its record-breaking new lidar, Vista®-X90 Plus.

Expanding on the design innovation of Cepton’s recently revealed Vista®-X120 Plus, Vista-X90 Plus becomes the world’s smallest high-performance automotive lidar with software definable perception capabilities. Its further reduced form factor, in particular its reduced height, unlocks an unprecedented level of sensor embeddability in line with the design trends of modern consumer vehicles.

Vista-X90 Plus builds on Cepton’s deep experience in industrializing automotive lidar for volume production, through the Company’s flagship ADAS lidar series production program with a major global OEM. Its precursor, Vista-X90, is launching in vehicles this year, becoming the first lidar deployed behind the windshield.

Compared to Vista-X90, Vista-X90 Plus is 62% slimmer and enables over 58% reduction in sensor footprint to offer an extremely streamlined solution for windshield integration, making it ideally suited for the next generation of vehicles.

“Vista-X90 Plus is the second generation of the industry’s best lidar for integration behind the windshield,” said Dr. Jun Pei, CEO and Co-founder of Cepton. “Its groundbreaking design resulted not only from our latest innovation in the 3D imaging technology, but also from our advancements in the development of our proprietary ASIC chipset.”

Vista-X90 Plus also features enhanced sensor performance while maintaining minimal power consumption. Doubling the data rate of Vista-X90, Vista-X90 Plus is capable of achieving ultra-high resolution for improved perception capabilities. Its added real-time software tunable region of interest (ROI) enables the sensor to maintain an optimized balance between performance and power efficiency across different driving scenarios.

With its high performance, software definability and compact form factor, Vista-X90 enables flexible and versatile lidar solutions across various use cases. With the size of 120 (W) x 24(H) x 120 (D) mm, Vista-X90 Plus could also be seamlessly embedded into the roof, the headlamps and the fascia of a vehicle, in addition to being integrated behind the windshield.

Brunno Moretti, VP of Product and Business Development, adds, “Vista-X90 Plus has been designed and developed by Cepton in the U.S. With a strong presence in both Silicon Valley and the Metro Detroit area, we have deep engagements with key leaders in the U.S. automotive ecosystem, from America’s biggest OEMs to world-leading semiconductor foundries. With our continuous innovation, we are proud to support the vision of safely deploying ADAS and making hands-free, door-to-door driving a reality for every American household.”

Vista-X90 Plus has a 90° horizontal field of view, a maximum detection range of 200 m at 10% reflectivity and an angular resolution of 0.07° within ROI. It is automotive-grade and consumes less than 13 W of power, making it ideal for all types of passenger cars, especially EVs. Enabled by the unparalleled manufacturability of Cepton’s OEM-validated lidar building blocks, Vista-X90 Plus is target priced below $500 in automotive volumes. For more information, visit:

About Cepton

Cepton is a Silicon Valley innovator of lidar-based solutions for automotive (ADAS/AV), smart citiessmart spaces and smart industrial applications. With its patented lidar technology, Cepton aims to take lidar mainstream and achieve a balanced approach to performance, cost and reliability, while enabling scalable and intelligent 3D perception solutions across industries.

Cepton has been awarded a significant ADAS lidar series production award with Koito on the General Motors business. Cepton is engaged with all Top 10 global OEMs.

Founded in 2016 and led by industry veterans with decades of collective experience across a wide range of advanced lidar and imaging technologies, Cepton is focused on the mass market commercialization of high performance, high quality lidar solutions. Cepton is headquartered in San Jose, CA and has a center of excellence facility in Troy, MI to provide local support to automotive customers in the Metro Detroit area. Cepton also has a presence in Germany, Canada, Japan, India and China to serve a fast-growing global customer base. For more information, visit and follow Cepton on Twitter and LinkedIn.