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March 6th, 2023
Georeferencing takes center stage for GeoSLAMs latest software release

Enhancements to georeferencing workflows have become the main focal point of GeoSLAMs latest software release, Connect 2.3. The release includes improvements to the Stop and Go Georeferencing workflow, as well as new ways to automatically georeference and align UAV data. The developments come as part of a whole package of new features designed to further improve usability.


Adjust to Control

The GeoSLAM research and development team set out to incorporate an Adjust to Control interface to complement the already existing Stop and Go Georeferencing workflow. The intention of the enhanced feature is to provide more control over the way data is georeferenced.

Speaking about the changes, Dr. Neil Slatcher, Chief Product Officer for GeoSLAM, said:

“Georeferencing can be an important part of a customer’s workflow because it puts their data in the real world. The upgrade of Adjust to Control gives users much more control over this process and is another way Connect shows its versatility. Our ongoing aim with the software is to deliver intuitive workflows for people using GeoSLAM hardware and improved georeferencing is the next step in that process.”

Reflective targets for georeferencing and alignment

Further additions include the ability to georeference point clouds using reflective targets. Data can now automatically be georeferenced within Connect, at the click of a button, without the need to stop on a control point whilst capturing.  This is especially helpful for UAV customers that cannot stop their system mid-flight.

Aligning and merging data using the same reflective targets in multiple scans is another key feature of Connect 2.3. The feature benefits those wanting to automatically align numerous datasets over a large site. This includes carrying out repeat scans of the same environment, for example, when stockpile monitoring.

The new reflective target workflows are useful to GeoSLAM customers with a ZEB Horizon, as well as Flyability customers using the Elios 3, with the GeoSLAM Connect surveying package.

Dr. Adrian Briod, co-founder, and Chief Technology Officer at Flyability had the following to say about the new addition:

“Georeferencing is a key feature for our users doing surveys in several markets, such as mining or infrastructure. In addition, automatically aligning point clouds will make many workflows a breeze, such as capturing large projects, or for stockpile monitoring”.


Other inclusions for Connect 2.3

Aside from georeferencing workflows, GeoSLAM has incorporated and improved other features in Connect 2.3, including the following:

ZEB Vision: The ZEB Vision can now be calibrated from within the Connect interface. There has also been an increase in the amount of image data that can be stored per scan, as there is the option to store Vision images directly to the ZEB Horizon datalogger. The images are packaged as part of the raw data file, for processing in Connect 2.3.

My GeoSLAM: My GeoSLAM accounts are accessible from within the Connect interface, giving greater access to resources such as GeoSLAM Academy and Knowledge Base.

Manual alignment: Improvements to the Manual Alignment tool (previously released with Connect 2.2) include interface and usability updates, making the overall workflow more user-friendly.

When referring to Connect 2.3, Dr. Neil Slatcher states:

“GeoSLAM Connect has become a fantastic foundation for us to build new workflows that complement our hardware products. For our handheld hardware to succeed, a requirement for great processing software is a must. Connect 2.3 is another step in that direction. Our customers remain at the forefront of any changes – incorporating or adapting features and workflows to suit their everyday needs.”

GeoSLAM Care customers can upgrade to Connect 2.3 free of charge and any future ZEB purchases will include the latest version of the software.

Learn more about GeoSLAM Connect by visiting the GeoSLAM website here – GeoSLAM Connect – For Clean, Georeferenced Point Clouds