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January 6th, 2023
HERE Technologies gives leading companies better data privacy with on-premise location services

  • HERE Location Services Self-Hosted provides on-premise location intelligence to leading companies across technology, healthcare, e-commerce and more.
  • FreightTech and IT company, TIMOCOM, uses HERE Location Services Self-Hosted  to power its road freight marketplace within one data lake.

CES 2023, Las Vegas – HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, is giving customers and partners further power to control their user data through self-hosting HERE Location Services. The HERE on-premise (on-prem) service allows customers and partners to install and run HERE Location Services software directly on their servers or cloud environment, creating another level of privacy and security to interact with sensitive end-user data.

The HERE software gives companies more control over performance, data security and monetization of their user data. HERE Location Services Self-Hosted includes core services that solve complex business functions, including:

  • HERE Traffic : Providing real-time* and historical traffic flow and incident information, as well as map tiles with traffic overlays.
  • HERE Routing : Generating driving time and distance and a graphical representation of the route on top of the HERE map across transportation modes (e.g., combustion or electric engine cars and trucks, pedestrian and bicycle) while taking into account real-time* and historical traffic data.
  • HERE Map Rendering : Pre-rendered map tiles or vector data tiles for client-side rendering using the Map API for Javascript, diverse map styles and global satellite images*.
  • HERE Map Attributes: access to pre-compiled premium HERE Map content, specifically to posted speed limits.
  • HERE Geocoding & Search: Provides built-in search of street addresses. Installing the service on-prem also gives end-users faster response times for geo-coordinates and vice-versa while also supporting type forward input through autocomplete.
  • HERE Positioning  Providing location information by leveraging a database with WiFi and cellular access point information.
  • HERE Route Matching: Matches GPS traces to the HERE road network and detects illegal or improper maneuvers.
  • HERE Geofencing : Monitors the mobile assets entering or leaving certain geographic areas, such as a logistics hub.

*Note: some services may require a secure connection to the HERE cloud

“Companies across industries are prioritizing investments to make customer data privacy protection a top priority,” said Giovanni Lanfranchi, Senior Vice President and Chief Product and Technology Officer at HERE. “HERE Location Services Self-Hosted is part of our ‘privacy by design’ approach, giving our customers the location intelligence services they need to support their business functions and complete ownership over their user data.”

Since 2009, TIMOCOM has been working with HERE to provide a fast, secure and simple transport process for up to one million freight and vehicle requests daily. Using HERE Location Services, TIMOCOM supports more than 50,000 European customers with optimal routes, estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and transport costs, while also providing real-time alerts for potential road restrictions, roadwork, tolls or traffic.

TIMOCOM recently brought its HERE Location Services on-prem, including HERE Map Attributes, HERE MapRendering, HERE Geocoding & Search, HERE Routing , HERE Route Matching and HERE Geofencing. The migration to self-hosted enables TIMOCOM to host all of its location needs within its own environment, creating greater data privacy and more efficient data management with all location data stored within a single data lake.

HERE and TIMOCOM are also working on a custom ETA-as-a-service Engine. Hosted in the TIMOCOM environment, the engine uses TIMOCOM data with HERE Location Services to produce a more accurate predictive ETA service for TIMOCOM customers.

“HERE Location Services Self-Hosted lets us create one data lake on our servers, without the need to make frequent requests through a third-party network,” said Marco Haack, Director IT Infrastructure & Services at TIMOCOM. “This has clear benefits from a data privacy perspective, but also enables our team to build our innovations and services on top of one data lake, creating greater efficiencies as we meet our customers’ logistics needs.”

HERE has General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) attestation, on top of ISO27701 and ISO27018 accreditation.

About HERE Technologies
HERE has been a pioneer in mapping and location technology for almost 40 years. Today, HERE’s location platform is recognized as the most complete in the industry, powering location-based products, services and custom maps for organizations and enterprises across the globe. From autonomous driving and seamless logistics to new mobility experiences, HERE allows its partners and customers to innovate while retaining control over their data and safeguarding privacy. Find out how HERE is moving the world forward at