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March 24th, 2022
Ottonomy.IO Unveils High Information Navigation Mapping for Autonomous Robots at NVIDIA GTC 2022

CTO and co-founder, Pradyot Korupol, introduces “high Information maps” for contextual navigation of delivery and autonomous vehicles at The Industry’s Leading AI Developer Conference

NEW YORK – Today, CTO & Co-Founder Pradyot Korupolu of leading autonomous delivery robotics company, Ottonomy.IO, will be presenting at the NVIDIA GTC 2022 virtual conference. In his session he will discuss autonomous navigation solutions in the event’s “Automotive transportation-autonomous robotics” Industry segment, focusing on moving towards high information navigation maps.

The consumer facing retail and restaurant industry has seen a huge surge in robots operating in everyday, regular human environments (both indoors and outdoors). Ottonomy.IO has deployed robots in multiple consumer environments including airports, retail spaces and campuses.


“With a strong track record in autonomous driving technologies, our team has been able to translate principles of vehicle autonomy to near-term practical use cases for consumer environments,” says Pradyot. “Leveraging high information maps as an input to our contextual navigation engine, Ottonomy.IO has the most robust navigation suite running in live conditions for both indoor and outdoor navigation for restaurants, retail spaces and airports.”

While new use cases are on the rise, data sets are still limited. Pradyot will discuss fusion tools and techniques that Ottonomy.IO’s delivery robots use to bridge this gap, while operating safely and efficiently in crowded and complicated environments. The presentation at the conference will be in the Automotive Transportation-Autonomous Robotics track of NVidia’s 2022 conference addressing “efficient camera and lidar fusion” as a way to get high-Information navigation maps.

These high information maps achieve several objectives:

  • Thin layer of condensed information maps useful for intelligent navigation.
  • Optimized for edge hardware running the mapping and localization pipelines.
  • Real-time fusion of multimodal sensors, specifically 3D lidars and RGB cameras.
  • Navigation maps that combine both metric and semantic distance.
  • information of the environment as an input to Ottonomy’s Contextual Navigation.

You can view Ottonomy.IO’s presentation at NVidia GTC 2022 on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 10:00a.m. EST. To gain access to the session, register for NVIDIA GTC conference here.

To schedule a demo with the Ottonomy team or get more information contact [email protected] or visit website http://www.Ottonomy.IO .

About Ottonomy.IO:

Ottonomy.IO is a deep tech startup, providing contactless deliveries using fully autonomous robots. Its primary focus is on helping retailers and restaurants automate indoor and outdoor contactless deliveries. Ottonomy.IO was recognized as one of the top 50 robotics companies worldwide in 2021 by Robotics Business Review and earned the Sustainability Product of the Year Award for 2021 by the Business Intelligence Group. The company is backed by Connetic Ventures and angel investors.