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March 16th, 2022
COBOD releases the world’s first 3D construction printer configurator

More and more 3D printed buildings are showing up all over the world. With the world’s first configurator for 3D construction printers, made by COBOD International, contractors and developers can now estimate the time to 3D print  a specific building and calculate the amount of concrete materials needed. For instance, the configurator shows layer by layer how the printer can build a 170 m² (1.900 square feet) villa in just 26 hours. 

COBOD International has launched the first live and 3D visualized configurator to create 3D construction printers. The configurator is available as an app for Android and iOS devices and as a web app edition.

Headquartered in Denmark, COBOD has become a leading provider of 3D printers to the global construction industry and is behind the printers that made the first one, two and three floors 3D printed buildings in Europe, the first school and houses in Africa and the first 3D printed wind turbine tower pedestals made for GE Renewable Energy.  

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder & General Manager of COBOD International, said:

“With this tool, you can configure the size of our modular printers up to 3 story building printers, simulate the print time and material consumption for our use case buildings. Using the configurator, you can see what the printer exactly looks like and what it can do for you”. 

Users of COBODs new configurator can start by configuring their 3D printer, modifying the printer width, length, and height. The configurator also makes it possible to calculate the time it takes to print out a specific structure and calculate the quantity of materials needed. 

According to the consulting company McKinsey , there is a potential for doubling productivity in the construction industry by realizing the automation potential. A potential that has made the global construction industry keenly aware of how robotic 3D printers will become standard equipment at the construction sites of tomorrow. 

This trend is reflected in orders for COBOD’s 3D construction printers; In 2021 revenue skyrocketed, tripling the revenue generated in 2020, already twice that of 2019. 

“3D-printed buildings have now become a more advantageous option than conventional building methods. This is because a 3D printer saves many resources compared to conventional methods: It goes faster, requires fewer construction workers that are so hard to find these days and makes the working environment healthier. With our new Dfab solution for making 3D printable real concrete, locally sourced materials can be used to minimise the cost, transport, and delivery time as well” says the COBOD founder Henrik Lund-Nielsen. 

About COBOD International 

COBOD’s mission is to disrupt the global construction industry through world-class 3D automation. Faster, better, and cheaper. The company 3D printed Europe’s first building in 2017. COBOD International has an open-source strategy, partnering with customers, academic institutions, and suppliers worldwide. Our partners include General Electric (US), PERI (Germany), CEMEX (Mexico), Holcim (Switzerland), Dar Al Arkan (Saudi Arabia), L&T Construction (India), and JGC (Japan). Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, COBOD International employs 80 highly competent pioneers from 16 different countries, and their vision is to see 3D printed and robotics constructed buildings in every city around the world. Since 2017 COBOD has sold more than 35 robotic 3D printers to every continent in the world.

Link: Try configuring a 3D printed house

Video link about the new configurator:

Web App: