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October 1st, 2021
Regrid™ launches Nationwide Land Parcel Data + Matched Building Footprints

DETROIT Regrid — a leading provider of nationwide land parcel data in the United States — announces the launch of their new enhanced location context product – Regrid Nationwide Parcel Data Premium Schema + Matched  Building Footprints.

Regrid’s new Parcels + Footprints product matches and pre-joins more than 156 million building footprint geometries to their nationwide parcel records (over 150 million parcels) and geometries, covering 99% of the American population – delivered as one combined product via bulk-delivered files and enterprise-grade API.

This is a first in the industry where these two location context & spatial datasets have been matched and pre-joined as one single parcel data solution, at a price unparalleled. Regrid’s philosophy has always been quality data at superior economics, and it holds true for their Parcels + Footprints product. Check out Regrid’s parcel data pricing here.

Regrid CEO, Jerry Paffendorf, says, “Land parcels and building footprints are fundamental to shaping location intelligence and making sense of the American landscape inhabited by 333 million people and growing. Regrid now delivers our parcel data pre-joined with building geometries as a combined solution, nationwide, with superior quality, ease-of-use, and economics, providing a new foundation for all serious spatial apps and analysis. A next evolution of spatial data is matching public record facts about land with newly derived data in an approachable format. In EarthDefine we found a partner that shares this vision and approach to the market, and you can expect to see more of this from us.”

Regrid joined hands with a leading geospatial data provider – EarthDefine to build this enhanced product. EarthDefine uses advanced AI and computer vision to derive building footprints from aerial imagery and Lidar. What this means is greater coverage nationwide, including rural areas and places where building footprints have historically been harder to obtain.

EarthDefine’s CEO, Vikalpa Jetly says, “At EarthDefine, we are keenly aware that high costs and integration challenges can limit geospatial data adoption. The Regrid team shares that understanding, and our partnership is committed to creating the next generation of data solutions that can help users map, analyze and understand spatial relationships across the US. The parcel+building footprints data offering creates the richest baseline data infrastructure for property metrics, and we hope to build on this to deliver other AI powered ground cover data in the future.”

About Regrid – Regrid is an industry-leading property data and location intelligence company, serving an array of industries that require land parcels and spatial data at scale, including real estate, insurance, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, logistics, and government.

Regrid was founded as Loveland Technologies in Detroit, Michigan in 2009. Prior to being known as Regrid, they were known as Landgrid.

Learn more about Regrid and their products at

The Regrid team can be reached out at