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  • Apr 2, 2021
  • Comments Off on Dynamic Infrastructure to Reveal Major Technological Breakthrough of Drone (UAS) Photos Analysis Captured While Inspecting Bridges
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April 2nd, 2021
Dynamic Infrastructure to Reveal Major Technological Breakthrough of Drone (UAS) Photos Analysis Captured While Inspecting Bridges

NEW YORK and BERLIN – Automatic processing of drone photos according to AASHTO standards while finding and prioritizing relevant defects in just several hours is a technological breakthrough that immediately enables bridge engineers to dramatically increase the benefits and value of each drone inspection.

Dynamic Infrastructure’s image processing and AI platform automatically analyzes drone photos collected during bridge inspections. The goal is clear – providing inspection engineers a quick and accurate analysis of the captured drone visuals for approval and maintenance recommendations.

The use of drones (UAS) for infrastructure inspection is dramatically increasing in states, counties and PPPs. This saves costs spent on special equipment and reduces traffic restrictions that can result when inspecting challenging locations. However, when the drone lands and the aerial inspection is over, the inspector engineer faces a 21st century problem – a big data problem.

Asset inspections can yield between 2000-7000 photos, ranging from a few to dozens of GBs, with extensive overlaps between the photos. The inspection engineer still faces the key problem of “separating the wheat from the chaff” – how to find the all the defects and then identify the relevant ones. It can take days and days to analyze each and every photo to find all the defects and then summarize them in the proper template.

Dynamic Infrastructure, which specializes in analyzing digital information of civil infrastructure, is taking its analysis and comparison capabilities one step further.

Dynamic Infrastructure is a market leader for multiple-source visual analysis in the civil-infrastructure world.

The amount of digital information captured throughout the lifetime of an asset is becoming a huge burden, instead of an opportunity, when decisions need to be made concerning asset inventories. With decades of engineering experience working for PPPs and DOTs, and with the power of artificial intelligence, Dynamic Infrastructure offers a fast, accurate and trusted services platform to execute small or large digital tasks.

Headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Germany and Israel, Dynamic Infrastructure facilitates the execution of digital jobs for bridges, dams, tunnels, walls and large civil infrastructures around the globe while meeting international and local standards and regulation.