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November 16th, 2020
Re:Earth, a web service that allows anyone to publish their archives digitally, has been launched!

TOKYO, JAPAN- Re:Earth supports a wide variety of visualization techniques and digital archiving for companies, NPOs, local governments, museums, art museums, and more. It can also be used as a visualization tool for activities working towards the SDGs!

Eukarya Inc. has released Re:Earth, a service that allows users to create and publish digital archives with location information without the need for coding.


Official website:

Price: please contact for more information.

1. The 4 Key Features of Re:Earth 

(1) No need for coding

You can easily create digital archives and publish them to the public without programming. All you need is your browser. Even if there are no or insufficient engineers in your organization, you can easily digitize your documents and data.

(2) Storytelling feature

Allows material to be viewed in a sequential fashion, as if the viewer were in an actual exhibition room. This also creates the chance for archivists to present the information they want to share in an easy to digest manner.

(3) Location information

Simply drop a pin on the digital globe and it will give you location information. It is ideal for introducing cross-border activities or materials, as well as conveying information that is closely related to location. This could be the distribution of flora and fauna, humanities or commerce activity, or even the history of migration, all presentable in an easy-to-understand manner.

(4) Import / Export

It is possible to import existing data and export data registered in the archive (CSV, KML, etc.). It is not only for archiving, but also for further development of activities and deepening of research.

2. Product Background

We have been in charge of many digital archive production projects (planning, design, development and operation).

Over time we found that the hurdle to create digital archives is getting higher due to the necessity of coding and engineers. We want to make it faster and far easier for users to create digital archives by themselves.

“Re:Earth” will start as an enterprise application for now, but in the future we plan to diversify the content of the application to include a basic application for the consumer market.

We are also planning to eventually open the Re:Earth system up to the public as OSS (Open Source Software). Starting with our own developer’s home countries of Japan, China, Canada and Syria, we hope to form a worldwide OSS community with engineers based around Re:Earth.

3. Usage examples

(1) General companies: 

Use digital archives to promote their social activities!

e.g. SDG’s activities and fair trade can be visualized on the web by using GIS (Geographic Information System) technology and the digital globe. This is perfect for corporate branding.

(2) Local governments and tourism associations: 

Digital maps of seasonal festivities and tourism information!

e.g. Users can edit the information directly from the UI, so you can create digital maps and archives with greater immediacy that can attract customers as well as share important information, such as details on congestion, specialty products, seasonal scenery, etc.

(3) Museums and archives: 

Integrates into modern technology trends as Corona forces us to move more and more digitized!

e.g. Using the storytelling function allows for the creation of unique online exhibitions, digital outreach programs, and more.

4. Contract Details & Options

We make use of the knowledge we have accumulated in the production of archives to provide a wide range of support for our customers, from problem analysis, strategy and concept planning, to design and operation.

For more information, please feel free to contact us through the contact form on the official website or by email.

(1) Service

Basic Pack
– Meeting (general explanation and Q&A)
– Re:Earth demonstration
– Re:Earth account issuance
– Maintenance and Operation Support
– Technical Support

Optional Services

– Creation of a digital archive production plan
– Collection of materials and compilation of databases
– Design of the digital archive (logo, icons, etc.)
– Development of Re:Earth plug-ins (SNS integration, AR support, etc.)

(2) Contracted 

After signing the contract we will issue you a Re:Earth account and show you how to use the service.

(3) Support 

– When you first set up the service, we will give you free training on how to use it.

*Using remote meeting tools such as ZOOM and Google Meet.
**Please contact us if it is difficult for security reasons.

– During the contract period, our engineers will support you via email or business chat tools such as Slack.

(4) Price

It depends on the scale of the project and the scope of our support.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

(5) Official Website

Re:Earth Official Website

A sample project made in Re:Earth

For more information, please feel free to contact us through the contact form on the official website or by email.We make use of the knowledge we have accumulated in the production of archives to provide a wide range of support for our customers, from problem analysis, strategy and concept planning, to design and operation.

5. Service Operator

Eukarya Inc.

Location: Yebisu Garden Place 27F COREBISU, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

Representative: Kenya Tamura, CEO

Established: 24 July 2017



Phone: +81-90-6063-6784