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July 27th, 2020
Airial Robotics sets out to change global commercial drone market with a new type of UAV

The company Airial Robotics, head-quartered in Hamburg, Germany, and with branches in Hungary and the United Kingdom, has unveiled an innovative UAV carrier system that redefines the possibilities of commercial drone applications: the completely newly developed and patented technology platform Gyrotrak. Based on a new hybrid concept, Airial Robotics has created a new class of drone that clearly exceeds current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency and at the same time possesses a highly modular system architecture that can be adapted to all kinds of missions.

“Our Gyrotrak technology is a disruptive hybrid UAV solution, somewhere between helicopter and autogyro. The innovative combination of the advantages of both systems creates such a unique and special technical platform, that it leaves the current industry standards behind it, and makes Gyrotrak a real game changer. Gyrotrak gives us the ability to at least double important factors like flight time, range, and payload, when compared to traditional multicopter systems. Furthermore, long hovering flights and multiple take-offs and landings are not a problem, which isn’t the case or possible with a lot of VTOL fixed-wing solutions,” explained Jörg Schamuhn, co-founder and CEO of Airial Robotics.

Gyrotrak boasts a versatile, modular and individually adjustable structure, ideally suited to the commercial market where the various application fields require effective new solutions tailored precisely to their needs. The new UAV type meets the requirements of numerous sectors including agriculture, logistics as well as inspection or security and surveillance.

Gyrotrak: best of two worlds

The main rotor autorotation principle, familiar from autogyros, not only ensures the new Gyrotrak platform requires very little energy in forward flight and possesses great flight stability, but also that the UAV itself can still land safely even if the motor fails. At the same time, the new hybrid solution has the positive features of a helicopter, which can hover precisely on the spot, fly backwards if necessary, or also perform multiple vertical take-offs and landings during a mission.

The first product based on the new concept is the new, fully electric GT20 Gyrotrak. It has a maximum take-off weight of 20 kg and is capable of performing LOS and BVLOS flights. The payload of 12.5 kg can be distributed between the battery and additional load, depending on the mission. If the GT20 Gyrotrak is fitted with a professional camera weighing about 500 g, it can stay in the air for about 2.5 hours and cover up to 150 km at cruise speeds of 90 kph.

You can find more information about the Gyrotrak platform, the first GT20 product and the Airial Robotics company at

About Airial Robotics

Airial Robotics is a technology company geared towards the global UAV market, which, through the use of disruptive technologies, is developing new UAV generations in order to lift the possibilities of commercial drone missions to the next level. The Gyrotrak platform has been designed to clearly exceed current industry standards in terms of flight time, payload, range and efficiency and, at the same time, possesses a highly modular system architecture that can be adapted to all kinds of missions.

All of Airial Robotics products are produced and developed in Europe. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Please find more information about Airial Robotics at