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January 7th, 2020
51WORLD Unveils All-Element Virtual Scenarios to Empower Various Industries

Shanghai, China – 51WORLD unveiled its latest product, named all-element virtual scenarios, in the Earth Clone3 press conference held at the InterContinental Shanghai Hongqiao NECC. The scenarios integrated virtual reality, geographic information, physical simulation, and interactions together to further empower various industries such as smart cities, smart transportation, smart vehicle, real estate, etc.

In the conference, 51WORLD founder and CEO Archer Li, gave a detailed introduction to the 51WORLD all-element virtual scenarios. He said that digital twin technology has made the convergence of the digital world and the real world simpler and closer than ever before. These scenarios are typical examples of digital twin technology that are already applied in various industries and cities. Archer then presented a city-level scene demo of Shanghai, leaving the audience a deep impression on its distinctive features such as  HD graphics, large scale, real-time rendering and rapid auto-generation of city models.

As of how 51WORLD digital twins could enable various industries, Archer explained that firstly, data from satellite remote sensing, tilt photography, urban GIS/DEM, high-precision maps and architectural BIM/CAD, were processed automatically and semi-automatically with self-developed tools which were ten times faster (or even more) than man-hand before. With data processing, one of 51WORLD’s core abilities, it is capable of creating all-element virtual scenarios from Level 1 to Level 5, which facilitates further development and application.

Archer then showcased 51WORLD’s successful application cases in cooperation with renowned companies:

a new digital twin platform delivered on IOC management for Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen, which is a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and intelligent traffic digital twin cloud control platform prepared for with China Transinfo, which is one of the most distinguished companies in fields of smart transportation in China and a micro-urban real-time traffic flow co-created with Beijing Transport Institute.

In the conference, Archer introduced more cases to unveil how 51WORLD’s core technology been successfully applied in city/site management, intelligent traffic management, program verification, product display, and AI simulation training set testing.

The 51WORLD all-element virtual scenarios are categorized into five levels. Level 1 (L1) represents the preliminary simulation scene that is capable of rapidly and automatically generating an urban grid. A L2 scenario is capable to replicate urban buildings, roads, greenery and traffic flow in detail. A highly simulated scene of L3 offers a more complete and realistic simulation than L1 and L2, with the HD picture quality of architectural details, dynamic lights, shadows and traffic flow. L4 represents a super scenario designed for simulation and AI training, which restores traffic signals, vehicles, and pedestrians. The most advanced scene of L5 can replicate the real world to every detail, such as lighting and real physical conditions.

“51WORLD is a company focused on data fusion and processing, and we are committed to upgrading our digital twin all-element virtual scenarios, to enhance quality, maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Customers in all industries can tailor their secondary development with SuperAPI.” Archer mentioned at the conference.

2019 marked the first year of commercialized 5G technology. Archer pointed out, “51WORLD also achieved scale application of 51Cloud, a real-time cloud rendering platform, which made digital twins technology at the user’ fingertips.” It is hopeful that 51WORLD is bound to usher in a new round of explosive growth with the support of digital twin and 5G technology.

To meet the rapid development of the company, a grand ceremony was held right after Archer’s keynote speech, in which the previously used name 51VR was officially upgraded to 51WORLD. Apart from keynotes, three fora regarding the fields of smart city, smart transportation, and digital real estate were held in the afternoon, attracting more than one thousand experts from various industries.

Smart City Forum

Experts from leading enterprises and institutions such as China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), China Unicom, Huawei, JD City, iFLYTEK gave resounding speeches. Participants discussed the industry trends in smart cities, such as how 5G enabled smart cities and how it can be applied to intelligent city management with AI, big data, all-element virtual scenarios

Smart Transportation Forum

The forum was a big gathering of prominent consultants and experts from industry pioneers such as Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Automotive Data Center of China Automobile Technology and Research Center, SenseTime, Beijing Transport Institute, GAC R&D Center, China Transinfo, and Chongqing Vehicle Test & Research Institute. The discussion was held regarding the evolvement of China’s original autonomous driving simulation software, the status quo of the testing organizations and domestic industry standards. It was the first forum held of its kind. All the business cases showed in the forum were original in domestic intelligent transportation and autonomous driving, and the creative guests were sincere to solve real problems. The applications of self-driving simulation technology set forth in the forum were highly practical.

Digital Real Estate Forum

Entrepreneurs from CRIC of E-House, iFLYTEC, Vanyitech of Vanke, China Overseas Property, Greentown China, Pingan Urban-Tech, Dobe delivered valuable speeches in fields of smart park, smart community, smart home, space operation, and urban renewal. They talked about the status quo of diversified real estate enterprises, expounded how digital twins enabled the real estate industry and elaborated on future directions of transformation.

A spectrum of first-rate products ranging from smart city, smart transportation and digital real estate were exhibited alongside the EC3 conference. 51WORLD showcased its VR, six-axis car simulator, cloud rendering, all-in-one machine, etc., which provided the viewers with a fantastic immersive experience.

Since its very beginning, the belief that creating a real, complete and sustainable virtual world to make the real world more efficient, safer and better was deeply rooted. 51WORLD has been always focusing on a virtual product portfolio of visualization+simulation+prediction to accelerate the digital transformation for enterprises and governments in smart cities, autonomous driving, real estate, etc.

About 51WORLD Group

51WORLD (previously known as 51VR) is a VR and AI high-tech company, founded in early 2015. The company has been focusing on creating a virtual “51WORLD” — a real, complete and sustainable virtual world, to make the real world a more efficient, safer and better place. It now has many major products, such as 51Sim-One, 51City OS, 51Urbandata, SuperAPI, 51Cloud and a series of digitalization products in the fields of automated driving, smart city, and real estate. 51WORLD occupies the biggest market share in the segmentation of these fields in China.