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August 9th, 2017
Chime Unveils AI-Enabled Smart Dialer and Drone Technology to Keep Real Estate Agents Ahead of The Curve

SAN FRANCISCO – Chime Technologies, an operating system for the real estate industry, announced two new major innovations today along with its one-year anniversary. The launch of these game-changing features—an AI-enabled smart dialer and a fully autonomous drone—reflect Chime’s journey to become a complete operating system that transforms the business of doing real estate by integrating innovative technology in new ways.

 Chime set out to create an operating system that contained everything real estate professionals needed to seamlessly run, and grow, their business. Through conversations with agents, brokers and coaches, Chime realized that one of their biggest challenges was dealing with too many, disparate, and unconnected solutions, which ended up creating more work rather than less. In August 2016, Chime launched an all-in-one real estate platform that offered real estate professionals a powerful lead generation and CRM solution, enabling them to launch marketing campaigns, track leads’ activities, build customer relationships, and seamlessly manage teams, anytime, anywhere. Over the past year, Chime has continued to evolve and expand the platform to address the full spectrum of agents’ needs. The company now has clients in all 50 states.

“Chime has evolved as the needs of our customers have evolved,” said Matt Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer of Chime. “We are bringing the industry to where it should be, while also giving it a run for its money. We always try to stay one step ahead and our clients love that we are constantly pushing to deliver cutting edge in real estate technology.”

The AI-enabled smart dialer, named Belle, isn’t just a utility, but also serves as an intelligent companion that enables quick performance and limited downtime between calls. Agents simply select a list within Chime and push it to the dialer. They can then quickly dial prospects with just one click, add notes, do follow-ups, schedule appointments, and send texts or emails from within the tool. The AI overlay means the smart dialer is imbued with Smart Scoring that dynamically scores leads as well as Smart Lists which form in the dialer based off relevant and important actions that an agent needs to accomplish that day. As prospects interact and engage with the system—opening property alerts, reading emails—Belle adjusts the lead’s scores and adapts scripts and follow-ups in real-time, based on quality and intent of the lead, to have the maximum impact. Chime is the first company to do this in the real estate space.

“Belle combined with Chime is a killer product combination for teams and brokerages,” said Murphy. “Our goal is to provide a productivity suite that empowers agents and brokers with all the tools they need to close more deals, and these features take smart dialers to the next level.”

Chime’s second new feature provides drone technology that has the potential to superpower open houses and listings. Chime has the exclusive U.S. real estate distribution rights with Simtoo, the creator of the Moment drone for aerial photography. The Simtoo drone is tiny, with four small blades that are covered so it can fly indoors, and strong battery life, which allows it to fly for over 10 minutes. The drone travels autonomously and comes equipped with facial recognition technology, so agents don’t have to worry about navigating it through properties.

Chime has developed a powerful software layer for the Simtoo Moment drone, enabling agents to give virtual tours of homes, and focus on providing the best experience possible for people over the Internet. The drone footage live streams directly to a Facebook page or listing-specific site, so interested buyers can watch from anywhere.

“Livestreaming is a fundamental innovation that will transform real estate,” Murphy said. “By launching this drone feature, Chime is at the forefront of this transformation.”

While they are a critical part of the real estate process, open houses can be inconvenient. They are displacing for sellers, who have to leave their homes, keep them pristine over time, and put away valuables. They can also be a nuisance for buyers, who may be short on time or live out of the area. With a virtual open house, none of that needs to happen. Agents can spend an hour doing a virtual tour and then share that footage with interested buyers. Chime’s drone feature saves time and money for agents, sellers and buyers alike.

“Real estate teams such as the Boyenga Team, Climb Real Estate Group, EXIT Realty and Tru Realty are switching to us because we have proven our innovation cycle—how fast we can push code, how far and how quickly we’ve evolved in such a short period of time,” adds Murphy.

About Chime

Chime is an operating system for the real estate industry. Its award-winning productivity suite offers a robust set of features that help real estate professionals and teams of all sizes run and grow their business. Chime operates as a US subsidiary of Renren, Inc. (RENN). For more information, contact [email protected] or 888-342-9698, or visit