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May 11th, 2011
Esri Singapore Training Program

UPCOMING PROGRAMS (By default, all training is in v10 unless otherwise stated)

ArcGIS Desktop (Basic prerequisite for all programs is Desktop I & II)

2 – 3 June or 4 – 5 July: ArcGIS Desktop I (Getting Started with ArcGIS)

23 – 25 May or 6 – 8 July: ArcGIS Desktop II (Tools and Functionality)

29 – 30 June or 1 – 2 Sept: ArcGIS Desktop III (GIS Workflows and Analysis)


ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcObjects and ArcGIS Engine, Web Apps and Flex and Mobile Projects

For GIS analysts and other experienced ArcGIS users who need to perform raster-based spatial modeling and analysis

16 June 2011:    Creating and Analyzing Surfaces Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

17 June 2011:   Geoprocessing Raster Data Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst


For experienced Microsoft .NET programmers who want to develop applications using ArcObjects.

*22 – 24 June 2011:  Introduction to Programming ArcObjects Using the Microsoft .NET Framework (v9.3.1)

27 – 28 June 2011:  Developing Application with ArcGIS Engine Using the Microsoft .NET Framework (v9.3.1)

(* Prerequisite course for ArcGIS Engine program)


For Developers and GIS professionals with experience in C# and ArcGIS Desktop software

*7 – 8 July 2011:   Creating Effective Web Applications Using ArcGIS Server

11 – 12 August 2011:   Building Web Applications Using the ArcGIS API for Flex

(* Prerequisite course for Flex program)


For GIS analysts and others who want to create mobile GIS projects using ready-to-deploy ArcGIS Mobile functionality. Developers who want to understand ready-to-deploy ArcGIS Mobile functionality.

*25 – 26 July 2011: Introduction to ArcGIS Server

*12 – 13 September 2011: Introduction to the Multiuser Geodatabase

22 – 23 September 2011: Authoring and Serving ArcGIS Mobile Projects

(* Prerequisite courses for ArcGIS Mobile program. Desktop III recommended as well)


For GIS specialists, analysts, data processors, and other experienced ArcGIS Desktop users who want to automate GIS workflows.

17 – 19 September 2011: Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts Using Python

(Prerequisite courses for Python program – Desktop I, II & III)



More ArcGIS Programs in August – September

(Prerequisites for each program prevails. Dates are subjected to changes)

1 – 2 August 2011: Programming ArcGIS Desktop Using Add-Ins

8 August 2011: Working with CAD Data in ArcGIS Desktop

10 August 2011: Working with Geometric Networks for Utilities

15 – 16 August 2011: What’s New in ArcGIS Desktop 10

25 – 26 August 2011: Working with 3D GIS Using ArcGIS

31 August 2011: What’s New in Editing at ArcGIS Desktop 10

5 – 7 September 2011: Building Geodatabases

14 – 16 September 2011: Performing Analysis Using ArcGIS Desktop

19 – 21 September 2011: Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server Using the Microsoft .NET Framework

26 – 27 September 2011: ArcGIS Server Enterprise Configuration and Tuning for SQL Server

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