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January 16th, 2024
Mapbox and Hyundai Autoever to cooperate on 3D navigation and LLM-driven voice experiences with MapGPT

SAN FRANCISCO – Mapbox, a global leader in location technology, announces its collaboration with Hyundai Autoever, an automotive software innovation leader that is part of the Hyundai Motor Group. Together, Mapbox and Hyundai Autoever are set to redefine the driving experience by developing an AI-powered digital ecosystem centered around Mapbox MapGPT, a location-intelligent AI voice assistant capable of natural and actionable conversations within vehicles and mobile applications. The parties have demonstrated the viability of the solution in a proof of concept and are now taking joint steps to commercialize the solution.

The innovative collaboration between Hyundai Autoever and Mapbox will propel the role of AI navigation within Hyundai Autoever’s vision of digitally enhanced vehicles. With its proactive location intelligence constantly updated with Mapbox location data, MapGPT provides drivers with intelligent recommendations for a smoother and safer travel experience to enhance their journey. This includes dynamic routing around traffic congestion and timely weather warnings, ensuring a smoother and safer travel experience.

Integration of MapGPT into both vehicles and a companion smartphone application will create a seamless digital experience for drivers to effortlessly access and manage their vehicle’s systems, whether they are inside the car or on the go using any connected device.

MapGPT enables drivers to use voice commands to control in-vehicle systems, including climate control, windows, and music. Third-party integrations with popular external apps such as OpenTable and TripAdvisor will further enrich the overall driving experience. The partnership adds Korean language support to MapGPT and local search for Korea provided by Hyundai Autoever.

The collaboration between Mapbox and Hyundai Autoever will also incorporate specialized support for electric vehicles (EV) with Mapbox for EV and integrate Mapbox 3D Navigation for a visually immersive and intuitive navigation map.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Mapbox in shaping the future of in-vehicle experiences,” said Dongkwon Suh, Head of Navigation Business Division at Hyundai Autoever. “Our collaboration exemplifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with location-based technology, enhancing convenience, safety, and enjoyment for drivers with the revolutionary MapGPT AI-powered digital ecosystem.”

“With MapGPT at the forefront of AI navigation, we’re not just transforming the way drivers navigate; we’re revolutionizing the entire driving experience,” stated Peter Sirota, CEO at Mapbox. “The collaboration with Hyundai Autoever marks a significant leap forward that prioritizes hyper-local navigation experiences and integrates natural voice that controls all aspects of the vehicle.”

About Hyundai Autoever
As a mobility software solution provider, Hyundai Autoever drives customer growth by leading digital transformation in and around the vehicle. Hyundai Autoever develops products such as vehicle software platforms, navigation software, and precision maps in the in-vehicle area to advance the SDV era, and also provides quality verification services to enhance the completeness of vehicle software. Hyundai Autoever provides various solutions and IT services that customers need, including Enterprise IT, which builds, manages, and operates corporate IT systems for successful DX, as well as IT services using cloud capabilities and smart factory solutions for manufacturing innovation.

About Mapbox
Mapbox is the leading maps and location platform powering a new generation of location-aware applications. Mapbox is the only platform that equips organizations with the full set of tools to power the navigation for people, packages, and vehicles everywhere. More than 4 million registered developers and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies have chosen Mapbox because of the platform’s flexibility, security and privacy compliance. Organizations use Mapbox applications, data, SDKs and APIs to create customized and immersive experiences that delight their customers.

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