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November 20th, 2023
e-con Systems™ adds Two New US Patents to the Company’s Imaging Innovation Portfolio

Chennai, India: e-con Systems™, with over two decades of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing OEM cameras, proudly announces the recent addition of two new US patents to their growing imaging innovation portfolio. Two of e-con’s dedicated engineers, Krithika Gurumurthy and Balasubramanium G, have received Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

With these latest US patents, titled “System and Method for Obtaining Optimal Focus of an Image-Capturing Device” innovated by Krithika Gurumurthy and “Wide-Angle Streaming Multi-Camera System” innovated by Balasubramanium G, the company now proudly holds a total of ten US patents, underscoring e-con’s commitment to advancing technology and innovation.

Patent 1 – System and Method for Obtaining Optimal Focus of an Image Capturing Device

This patent introduces a groundbreaking system and method for obtaining optimal focus of an image-capturing device. The innovation includes:

Optimal Focus across the Entire Frame: Ensuring that the entire frame is in optimal focus for various embedded vision applications.

Unique Reference Frames: Employing unique reference frames collected from the camera to obtain the best-focused image.

Sound Notification: A remarkable feature of this system is the sound notification modules that notifies users when the focus range is achieved.

Patent 2 – Wide-angle streaming multi-camera system

This patent introduces a wide-angle streaming multi-camera system that significantly enhances the field of view. The innovation includes:

Extended Field of View: Providing a broader Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) of 180 degrees, as well as an extended Vertical Field of View (VFOV).

Reduction of Blind Spots: Multiple cameras are strategically positioned to reduce blind spots, parallax errors, thereby achieving the multi camera streaming in closer working region.

Vertical FoV Enhancement: To further expand the VFOV, all cameras are rotated 90 degrees around their optical axis, providing a wider view.

It is a game-changer for various applications such as sports broadcasting and analytics, surround-view monitoring systems, data processing using panoramic images, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), traffic management, and security and surveillance.

“At e-con Systems, innovation is at the core of our culture. We encourage and support our employees to push the boundaries of technology, fostering a workplace where creative thinking and forward-looking ideas flourish. These patents are a shining example of this commitment to innovation. We congratulate our talented inventors on this achievement.” Maharajan Veerabahu, Co-Founder at e-con Systems.

Here is the list of e-con Systems employees’ US patents:

System and method to configure an image capturing device with a wireless network
System and method for integration of real time data with image frame for image stabilization
Camera enclosure
System and method for assisting data transmission over virtual channels
Structure for a lens holder and a method thereof
Method for Securing the Electrical Contacts in a Connector System
System and method for camera serial interface lane implementation between camera sensor and host processor
System and method for implementation of region of interest based streaming
Wide-Angle Streaming Multi-Camera System
System and method for obtaining optimal focus of an image capturing device

About e-con Systems™

e-con Systems™ designs, develops, and manufactures OEM cameras. With 20+ years of experience and expertise in embedded vision, it focuses on delivering vision and camera solutions to industries such as retail, medical, industrial, agriculture, smart city, etc. e-con Systems’ wide portfolio of products includes Time of Flight cameras, MIPI camera modules, GMSL cameras, USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras, GigE, TOF, stereo cameras, low light cameras, etc. It has built over 350+ customer products and shipped over 2 million cameras across the USA, Europe, South Korea, Japan and many other regions.

For more information on e-con’s products, please contact:

Mr. Harishankkar

VP – Business Development at e-con Systems

e-con Systems™ Inc., +1 408 766 7503


Email: [email protected]