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November 9th, 2023
UP42 and GLOBHE Sign Partnership to Bring Drone Data to Geospatial Marketplace

Customers can now task drones and browse drone data next to other types of imagery, all in one place.


BERLIN, November 8, 2023 – UP42, a leading geospatial developer platform and marketplace, and GLOBHE, the world’s premier on-demand drone data marketplace, announced their partnership to make high-quality drone data available through UP42. The agreement expands UP42’s current offer of satellite, aerial, elevation, weather, AIS and RF data.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, GLOBHE relies on 9500+ local professional drone operators in 142 countries and is the sole drone marketplace platform to support automated data collection at a global scale for sustainable infrastructure, environmental and humanitarian purposes.

“The addition of GLOBHE’s drone data to our marketplace underscores our commitment to being a one-stop-shop for all geospatial needs but we carefully select partners who share our same vision to deliver on this mission,” said Sean Wiid, CEO of UP42.”

UP42’s customers will be able to access the following services through the marketplace:

  • Archive: Access to GLOBHE’s vast library of drone data from over 100 countries.
  • Tasking: Request(s) on one or multiple locations will be matched against professional drone operator(s) authorized and licensed to collect the data.

By making all of GLOBHE’s data available in UP42’s STAC-compatible (SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog) data management solution, customers will benefit from a simplified data search and management for easier processing and integration.

In tasking drones via UP42, customers will also appreciate the platform’s advanced capabilities, such as order tracking, automated delivery, wide range of sensor types, and support for complex and multi-geometry AOIs.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with UP42, an organization that, like GLOBHE, is at the forefront of geospatial innovation. This partnership represents a pivotal step forward in democratizing access to high-resolution drone data, ensuring that organizations across the globe can make more informed, sustainable decisions,” says Helena Samsioe, CEO & Founder of GLOBHE. “We believe in the power of local expertise combined with global reach, and through this collaboration, we grant access to drone data at scale. Our mission is to empower change-makers with the data they need to create a more resilient, sustainable world.”

Drone data is a complementary remote-sensing tool for satellites, airplanes or helicopters, which enriches the aerial data collection methods on the UP42 marketplace. Besides being environmentally friendly and safer than traditional aerial platforms, they are also more affordable and efficient than their counterparts. In some cases, their DEM (digital elevation model) can deliver up to 10-20 cm resolution (vs 5-30 m satellite resolution), guaranteeing better preservation of terrain features and a more realistic representation of the environment.

This makes GLOBHE’s drone data ideal for UP42’s customers engaged in crop monitoring and management, livestock monitoring, precision farming, environmental conservation, wildlife conservation, forestry, and disaster response.

To learn more about GLOBHE’s drone data and place your first order through UP42, please visit and

About UP42

We founded UP42 in 2019 with a clear purpose: to provide quick and easy access to geospatial data and analytics. You’ll get the world’s leading providers of optical, radar, elevation, and aerial data, all in one place. Our developer-first platform offers flexible APIs and a Python SDK to help you build and scale your solutions. Search the catalog for existing imagery, or task a satellite to capture your desired area. Whatever your use case, UP42 is the one-stop-shop for all your geospatial data needs. Visit us at

We just get it. The data you need for the planet you love. GLOBHE is the premier marketplace for on-demand drone data collection anywhere on earth. Currently connecting over 9’500 professional and local drone operators in 142 countries, with organizations in need of high resolution drone data. For more information visit