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  • Jan 20, 2022
  • Comments Off on Dynam.AI Unveils Vizlab, a Next-Generation AI Platform with Customizable Real-World Machine Learning Capabilities
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January 20th, 2022
Dynam.AI Unveils Vizlab, a Next-Generation AI Platform with Customizable Real-World Machine Learning Capabilities

Data scientists are encouraged to join the early access waitlist at Vizlab.AI and request a demo.

Dynam.AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) software development firm best known for full stack AI innovation, announced the early commercial release of Vizlab™, an AI/Machine Learning (ML) platform designed to address the complex needs of enterprise data scientists and solve the key problems with AI/ML applications in the market today. This customizable, intuitive, end-to-end AI/ML development solution enables ML data scientists to design, build, improve and deploy AI engines at scale. Vizlab empowers data scientists with necessary, in-demand tools to deploy explainable AI solutions with highly accurate analytic insights.

Vizlab was initially built as an internal tool by the Dynam.AI team as a platform to support Dynam’s consultative services, to automate and standardize AI pro-workflow and advance Dynam’s core AI capabilities for customers with complex business use cases. Customers without internal data science teams seek out Dynam’s end-to-end AI development services to learn more from their proprietary business and customer data to automate and improve processes and target more of their best customers. Advertising optimization, predictive maintenance, process automation, real-time alerts, customer behavior tracking, critical infrastructure protection, anomaly detection and personalized medicine are several use cases in focus for Dynam customers in 2022.

Now, with the early commercial release of the Vizlab platform, Dynam can accommodate a broader range of customer needs based on the level of service each customer seeks. Vizlab can support a multitude of business use cases, workflows, and industry sectors. Regardless of the use-case complexity, sector, size and skillset of the client data science team, Vizlab can support in-house data scientists in their efforts to create new and improved solutions.

“To put it simply, Vizlab is a game-changer for enterprises with an in-house data scientist team looking to gain actionable insights from their proprietary data, regardless of industry,” said Diana Shapiro, CEO of Dynam.AI. “We are proud to unveil our Vizlab platform as a subscription model for enterprise AI data scientists to access directly. We encourage all data science experts to visit to request a demo and join our limited commercial release waitlist.”

Making AI Development Faster, Easier, and More Accurate

Among many other unique assets, the revolutionary and highly customizable Vizlab platform utilizes Dynam’s groundbreaking Physics AI Wrapper, invented by Chief Scientific Officer Dimitry Fisher, PhD to solve a major problem with AI/ML today.

According to Fisher, a physicist by training: “Most AI and machine learning applications in the market do not have enough training data to be commercially viable for the end customer. Worse yet, these ML applications can’t access pertinent information outside of the training data such as ‘context’, the laws of physics, and regularities of the outside world. Humans, by contrast, have evolved and learn continuously to make use of that information, and thus do not require large, labeled datasets to be able to perform everyday cognitive tasks. Vizlab with Physics AI Wrapper addresses this key problem.”

Vizlab with Physics AI Wrapper enables data scientists to artificially create and provide the laws-of-nature or contextual information not contained or explicit in the original data, which enables and improves real-world AI/ML solutions for customers.

Impactful Early Adopters

As demand for more sophisticated AI pro-workflow tools explodes, and more organizations hire in-house data scientists to cost-effectively solve complex business use cases, Dynam has recognized that there is huge, pent-up commercial opportunity for DIY access to the company’s AI technologies.

An early user of Vizlab is Ondas Holdings Inc.’s (NASDAQ: ONDS) subsidiary, American Robotics, manufacturer of the first fully-FAA approved autonomous drone system for customers in the critical infrastructure sector. American Robotics delivers actionable data analytics from drone-acquired data for remote critical decision making such as predictive maintenance.

“American Robotics sees the Physics AI Wrapper as a pioneering technology capable of unlocking significant value to solve key problems with AI/machine learning applications across a variety of industries” said Reese Mozer, CEO of American Robotics. “We’re eager to utilize the Vizlab platform to further advance and accelerate our broad portfolio of industrial inspection applications.”

“It is an honor to work with Ondas and American Robotics as we continue to support their efforts in a meaningful way on behalf of their clients,” said Shapiro. “This level of engagement from such an innovative, dynamic player in the IoT, Robotics and Critical Infrastructure spaces affirms what we can do for clients in any complex technology-based industry.”